[Accommodation Highlight] $21 Private Room, Close to Hongdae



This is not a dormitory style guesthouse. It’s a private room, only for you!
You’ll find our house just 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus station. Also, Situated in the South-West zone of South Korea, near Seoul, where the subway lines 3 and Kyeongei Line accrossing. It offers all you need for stay in KOREA. You can go to most of the major tourist sites such as Gwanghwamoon, Gangnam, Yeoeido, Hongdae, Yeongdungpo and so on quickly and conveniently. Especailly, Hongade which an area for night life and art is close to my home.

And our neighborhood has everything you need such as convenient store, pub, cafes, hospital and so on.
We are located a city called Ilsan which is much closed to Seoul and Paju. (North Korean tour attractions). Ilsan is just like Seoul except noise and pollution. If you are looking for an accommodation has relax and quiet atmosphere, you don’t need to stay at a bustling hostel at Seoul. Just come and stay at Yes Guest House.

-Two private rooms: The rooms have everything you need. The blankets and pillows are clean and new because we clean these after each guests leave. For your convenience, we have wireless free internet which you can use your smart phone or laptop. Also, there are clean desks and chairs. Each room has hanger and curtain. We have two rooms at our house, so if you book just one room, you have to share kitchen, living room, and restroom. Each room has one single bed and extra mattress. If two people want to stay at same room, I recommend to use one single bed and extra mattress together.

-Bathroom: You can use hot water anytime. There are all stuffs for taking shower. (Shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, soap, tooth paste)

-Kitchen Area: There are stove, pot, pan, scissor, plate, spoon, cup, and refrigerator. And we have some Oil, salt, sugar. Since we offer American style breakfast, we have toaster and coffee machine too. We serve welcome drink.(Water, coffee, tea)

– Business:
20~30 min. to Kintex ehibition(by taxi, subway, bus)
40~60 min. to Youido Financial Street(by bus)
60 min. to Gang-nam Area (by taxi, subway, bus)
40~60 min. to Ganghwamoon- main tourist attration (by bus without transffering)
30~40 min. to Hongdae (by subway)
60~90 min to Kimpo & Incheon international airport

20 min. to Western Dorm & La festa (by bus)
20 min to Hyundai & Lotte department store (by bus)

30 min. to MBC & SBS TV center. (by bus)
30~40 min to Hongdae (by subway)

*Host – Suhee
I am a very open mined and unconventional person. I really enjoy to be around with people from different countries. If you want to do true traveling and meet some unique Korean girl… this is me!! I love to talk about social issue, philosophical topics, and traveling experience. If you consider yourself as unique person…. be my guest!


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