Yeolbong Jjimdalk [열봉찜닭]

Any of you guys tried jjimdak(찜닭) in Korea?

“Jjimdak” means “Steamed Chicken” and it’s very popular among Korean or Foreigners. The origin of Jjimdak came from “Andong Jjimdak” made from chicken, cellophane noodles, various of vegetables such as [carrot, onions, potatoes & mores] and marinated in Ganjang (Korean fermented soy bean-based sauce). The pot is then boiled over high heat till the potato and carrot slices softened and the dish is completed by adding shredded scallions and sesame seed.

Previously I had tried Andong Jjimdalk once and it taste really good.

But today I would like to recommend this Jjimdalk shop that recommended by my friends  “Yeoldong Jjimdalk [열봉찜닭]” This shop is opened by Korean singer “Seven”(*^^*)

Yeolbong Jjimdak has a few outlets in Seoul and I visited their Ehwa Woman University branch that is situated at the second level. There some basic English description on the menu.
“Yeoldong Jjimdalk” they have lots of franchise around seoul [Hongdae, Ihwa, Gangnam & etc]
This is how Ehwa Woman University Branch Look like!!!

In here you can order accordingly to the spicy level (from 0 to 3) and whether you want boneless (mainly breast meat) or normal chicken. Or you can also add in tteokbbokki!! [awesome combination] (☆_☆) Or you can add on “seaweed rice balls”.
p.s: tried lvl2 and its quite spicy for the person who are heavy spicy eater like me. So tried LVL1 before going further..Lvl 1 will be alright for people who doesn’t really eat spicy food

The chicken is very tender. And there’s the starch noodle that is soaked in the thick and flavourful gravy. This starch Noodle is definitely a delight and it is good enough.
Add on tteokbbokki!! seriously taste real good!!!!

P.S: Remember to cut the noodle using their scissors before you had it. It’s a must.

Address:  서대문구 대현동 27-4 2층 [27-4 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul]
Phone:     02-6338-1033
Price:       From 20,000 won – 40 000 won [depending on the size you order]




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