Yangpyeong Rail Bike: get close to nature

Get tired of shopping every day in your Korea trip? Why not go outdoors and get closer to nature in a fun way!

There are many rail bike park in Korea. I’m going to introduce the one is nearest to Seoul. (Even though, it still takes appr. 2 hours one way XD)

Using an abandoned railway, the Yangpyeong Rail Bike offers a special bike ride at speeds of 15km/h from Yongmun to Wondeok. This 6.4 km (including round trip) journey passes along a shiny river and trees covered mountains. Visitors could enjoy its awesome scenery in four seasons, such as blooming flowers in the spring, the greens of summertime(It’s also the time we visited!), vivid autumnal tones coloring the ridge of Yongmunsan Mountain, and the white snowflakes resting on the limbs of trees in freaking cold winter.


Hours: 09:00-19:30 (It depends)

Price: 30,000 won/2 ppl; 38,000 won/4 ppl

See more on their official website(Kr)

Address: 126-5, Samseong-ri, Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do



First, you need to go to Yongmun Station. (Metro-Jungang line) When you come out the station, you would find the instruction board. Just follow it.

After 1 km walking, you would find Iron men welcomes you. XD


Let’s go buy tickets. Blue is for a family car(4 people) and pink is for 2 people. We thought there would be a small bike for two people. In the end, the bikes are totally SAME!!! They still arrange a 4-seats bike for 2 people. XD




Enjoy the bike riding!!!




It is going into the tunnel.


After 3.2 km one way riding, visitors will have a break time at turn point (cafeteria) for 20 minutes. They serve some ice cream cones, beverages, ramen and so on.


Another type of bike. (An electric one I think)


Btw, they have a photo booth which is located on the starting point. So you can purchase your picture after riding the rail bike. They also feed a rabbit.


It was a great fun bike riding experience. I recommend this activity for those who are on a family trip or those who travel with friends. 🙂


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