Would you like to try make Korean traditional food Kimchi by yourself??

I believe that tons of tourists have interests in making one of Korean traditional food

‘Kimchi’ by themselve. Even though there are few places to experience making kimchi,

‘Kimchi School’ which is located in Deogyang-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi deokeundong  is the right place for it.




At first, Kimchi teacher explains about history of Kimchi. Then we try to learn how to make kimchi with one Kimchi teacher simply. we can pick out one teacher between Chinese, Korean, English.  After that we can taste real Original Kimchi which is made from real professional. If you want to get real original Kimchi, here will definitely be the best choice.



After you finish Kimchi experience, you can be taken photos wearing Korean traditional clothe

HanBok at Photo Zone.  There is no time limit for taking a picture. you can take your own time whatever you want. Looks so interesting , isn’t it?




And also you can try to taste and take a look at a process to dry the harvested seaweed from the beach.


*All of those experience takes about 1hour in total.

  • Price : 18,000 won each person( A group is able to get some discount )
  • Open  : 09:00 am
  • Close : 21:00 pm
  • Location : Deogyang-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi deokeundong2016-02-12 10-15-03


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