Winter Guide to Everland Theme Park




Everland Winter Season 

📌Operation Hours
Nov 15th, 2019 ~ Mar 1st, 2020

Sunday ~ Thursday  Friday ~ Saturday
10.00 am ~ 8.00 pm 10.00 am ~ 9.00 pm

Nov 17th (Sun): 10.00 am ~ 9.00 pm
Dec 24th (Tue): 10.00 am ~ 11.00 pm
Dec 25th (Wed): 10.00 am ~ 9.00 pm
Dec 31st (Tue): 10.00 am ~ 1.00 am (Jan 1st)
Click here for more details from Everland Official’s website ! 

The Attractions of Everland Christmas Fantasy🎇

🗺 Map

🌠Illumination Avenue

Have you ever seen the dreamy flow of the Milky Way River on a beautiful star?

Create beautiful and precious memories under the Milky Way where millions of light bulbs are shining like a protagonist in a movie.


🌲Magic Tree


The huge Christmas tree standing, as if it shows its height of 13m off !

Do you remember those invaluable wishes you made under the tree in childhood? Put your hands on the magic tree and make a wish, as you did in childhood. Who knows the wish may true like magic ?

🌳Romantic Tower Tree

Four Season Garden

The romantic tower tree is a huge Christmas tree that glows with sparkling lights. Take some photos with your lovers or family in front of the tree for good memories.


🎅Santa House & Rudolph Village

Four Season Garden
Santa with rudolphs are all waiting for you guys ! Seem they all decorated the dazzling lights for Christmas.


🎆Magic in the Sky

Four Season Garden
Colorful fireworks and lights in the night sky!

The biggest Christmas present Everland gives to you. For the best views, you’ll want to secure a spot by the handrails between the China Gate and Garden Terrace, stand at the center of the Magic Garden, watch from Holland Village, or enjoy everything from the comforts of a terrace seat in the Garden Terrace (reservations required).


Golden Umbrella Alley

Aesop Village
Walk under the golden umbrellas and leave a perfect photos with your friends !


🦓Starlight Zoo

Near the Magic Tree

At Starlight Zoo, located near the park’s entrance, you can be surprised at giraffes and flamingos resting in the snow and the joyful polar bear donating holiday scarves. At night, surreal scenes are treated with another amount of magic, as trees and animals glow with magnificent gold.


🌜Moonlight Parade 

Parade Route, Carnival Square

The absolute strongman of the night parade! Don’t miss the fantasy parade that millions of light create! Under the moonlight, colorful glitter brightens Everland’s night sky. Enjoy the music and dance of the moonlight parade and indulge in this dreamy atmosphere.



Snow Park, Snow Buster Sledding

European Adventure

The Everland Snow Buster is comprised of three selectable courses, one for families with children, one for racing with friends, and one for express courses that run on four-seater sleds. Most of all, Snow Buster is popular with customers as it has a variety of facilities for convenient and safe use of snow sleds, including tube lifts that can travel to the top of a tube, dedicated lanes made of eye jaws and air cushions !



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