“Why Korean people eat ‘Seaweed soup’ on their Birthday?”

❀ If you are a fan of K-Drama, you will surely notice in a scene in an ultra-famous drama ‘Goblin’. ❀

The scene was taken in the lead actress house which she lives with her selfish aunt’s family and she cooked seaweed soup for breakfast since it was her birthday.

You probably eat cake or something special on your birthday and that is super common in everywhere around the world. But, let’s discover the secret meaning behind eating seaweed soup on Korean’s birthday.

Seaweed Soup 미역국

If you ask Korean mothers “What is your least favorite meal?”, they will definitely answer “Seaweed Soup 미역국”

Because when the give birth, they need to eat Seaweed Soup for a quite certain time according to the traditional belief: some eat it for the whole 6 months!

Since Goryeo dynasty, mother started eating seaweed as a source full of iodine and iron. Some believe that, because whale eats only seaweed after giving birth, so they follow what whale did.

Therefore, Korean people eat seaweed soup on their birthday to respect and remember their mother’s love that they have to put up with eating only seaweed soup after bearing a child.

You also can easily find some semi-instant seaweed soup in any convenient store and grocery store to try even it’s not on your birthday :)!

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