White Birch Forest in Injae, Korea


 About the Birch Tree Forest 

South Korea is well known for its amazing scenery and natural mountain complexes. The Birch Forest of Injae is one of the most amazing forests in Korea. It is beautiful all year round, but especially in winter. The birch is also our potential for change, which promised a new life and love and experience to our attention on a new direction and objectives in our lives. Korean loves white birch forest since we feel like we are being rewarded for busy lives.The birch tree is one of the most useful trees. It has been known to be medicinal and therapeutic. It was the first tree to grow after the Ice Age, was called the pioneer species.

Birch tree forest in Injae is quite popular with Koreans in winter because of its beauty and healing atmosphere. I urge you to visit here in winter. The land covered with snow and white bark feels like a fairy tale world, makes us remind of the movie, the Frozen.


 Birch Trees in winter 

Opening Schedule

In Summer: 
May 31st ~ October 31st 9am ~ 6pm, last entry at 3pm
In Winter: 
December 15th ~ January 31st 9am ~ 5pm, last entry at 2pm
Contact: 033-460-8036

Other things to do in Injae

Injae Ice Fishing Festival 

The Inje Icefish Festival  is where you can catch fish in the vast fields that the natural environment has given you, and enjoy it all together in winter playgrounds ! Starting with the first episode in 1997, the Inje Icefish Festival, which has been developing and changing in the midst of the great interest and participation of tourists, has developed various programs in keeping with the times. With the background of the nature , I hope you can make a beautiful  memories with Inje Icefish Festival !


👉 When?
From Jan.18 2020 ~ Jan.27 2020
🚗 Address: 555-2, Bupyeong-ri, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do


Rental Cottage Byeolchim 별들의 기침

The rental cottage ‘Byeolchim’ is designed with a personal space and natural environment at the top of the list. The houses and tall mountains surrounded by pine trees are spectacular. It consists of a main building with three rooms and an annex that can be used independently. Each room is equipped with an outdoor Barbecue. In summer, you can use a blueberry experience farm with 2,000 pyeong of land and a 500 pyeong of Aronia experience farm in autumn.


🚗 Address: 743-71, Jajangnamusup-gil, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

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