When to see cherry blossom in Korea 2017

“봄봄봄 봄이 왔네요~”

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You can hear this song everywhere in Korea every year when spring comes~

It’s getting warmer and warmer in Korea recently and taking pictures with cherry blossom is in  MUST-DO List during the spring season in Korea. So Let’s check when and where to see cherry blossom in Korea this year!



The map shows when will each region starts blossoming. The blossoming starts on Jeju Island and Busan in late March, on Seoul in early April. The chart here shows the same information as the map in English.

Region of Korea 2017 Expected Blooming Date
Busan 부산 Mar 25
Cheongju 전주  April 2
Chuncheon 춘천  April 7
Daegu 대구 Mar 28
Daejeon 대전  March30
Gangneung 강릉  April 1
Gwangju 광주 Mar 28
Incheon 인천 April 8
Jeonju 전주  March 30
Seogwipo/Jeju 서귀포/제주  March 22
Pohang 포항   March 26
Seoul 서울 April 4
Tongyeong 통영  March 27
Yeosu 여수   March 28

Do you where is the best place to see cherry blossom in each region?

Here are some places that Korean usually go <3


You can find cherry blossom and rape flower at the same time in Noksan-ro (녹산로), which located in Jeju Island(제주도).

[wpvideo YZdpwwZy]

Source: Instagram

Oncheoncheon(온천천) is a hot place to see cherry blossom in Busan(부산) since there are a lot of coffee shop that let you enjoy coffee and beautiful cherry blossom view at the same time.


Source: Instagram

Jinhae(진해) is the most popular place to see cherry blossom in Korea. Korean used to go travel in Jinhae every spring because this place has the most beautiful cherry blossom view in Korea.



Sea view and cherry blossom. You can see both of them at the same time in Gyeongpodae(경포대), which is in Gangneung(강릉).

Then how about Seoul!!!?


Source: Instagram

Most of the people would like to go to Seokcheon Lake, where next to Lotte World,
or order fried chicken and beer in Yeoyido Island.

So are you ready for this spring?

I can’t wait to see those beautiful cherry blossom view!!!



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