What we eat in Korea during summer!


The weather is getting warmer, when we hanging out with friends outside, we started wearing short sleeves..! Yes, summer is coming soon!

And I bet some of you don’t have appetite or don’t know what to eat in summer caused by the hot weather, but in this article, we would like to introduce some great Korean food you may have during your trip in Korea, and I can ensure that these food will must increase your appetite in summer or even from now on!


Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles)

Some of my Korean like to have this dish in winter, but for me, I like to have it in Summer!

Icy-cold broth with chewy noodles, cucumber, radish, pear, then add some vinegar and put half of egg on the top.

Best dish to chill you down during a season which may drive you crazy 😉


Jokbal (Korean pig’s trotters )

Another best cold dish, pig’s trotters cooked with soy sauce and garlic, ginger, rice wine etc. The meat tastes very tender and very smooth!


Jjimdak (Korean steamed chicken)

In a base of soy sauce,  roasted chicken with various large-sliced vegetables(cucumber, scallions, onions etc) potato and starch noodles! You can either choose non spicy flavor or spicy one! And the taste of this tender chicken can really let you have appetite right after your first bite 😉


Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup)

Korean’s best dish in Summer, Samgyetang.  A small chicken filled with spices, garlic and rice, and cook with ginseng, a warm healthy soup which Korean believe it will prevent you from getting cold and enhance the immune system in Summer!


Patbingsu (Korean ice dessert)

Yes, how can we miss out the ice dessert in summer!? 😀  I really like Korean shaved ice dessert! Shaved ice with sweet red beans, rice cakes and some peanut powder, taste super great and can make you feel very delighted under high temperature summer time!

Book your ticket to Korean right now, and come enjoy these amazing food in the summer time!

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