What is White Day?

White Day


White Day is on March 14th of every year. It is the festive day for young adults in South Korea. On this day “guys” will have to express their love to their loved ones. It is considered as the treat from guys after the girls already gave them the treats on Valentine’s Day. (In South Korea, on Valentine’s Day, it is the girls who have to  express their love to the guys.)


White Day originally started in Japan in 1977 when  National Confectionery Industry Association in Japan wanted to increase its sales level. Thus, they started the trend called “answer day” and on this day, the guys have to buy chocolate or other gifts in return to the girls. In the following year,  Ishimuramanseido company started “Marshmallow Day” on March 14th, and after the company started to produce white chocolate,  they changed the name of Marshmallow Day to be “White Day” in order to promote its white chocolate products.

In 1980s the trend of White Day reached South Korea and became very popular. From then on, one can see all stores decorate the selves and display the front of the stores with chocolate and other confectionery products in early March to attract young adults to come to the store.

So, do not forget to enjoy White Day for all couples!



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