Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation, Equipment Rental, Lesson Booking Guide

Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation, Equipment Rental, Lesson Booking Guide

1. Vivaldi Ski Resort Characteristics

Vivaldi Ski Resort Accommodation, Equipment Rental, Lesson Booking Guide

Korean ski resorts all differ depending on the region, but the ski resorts of the Gangwondo area offer the best experience.
Even the well-boasted ski experience of an Olympic game was taken up in the Gangwondo area during the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.
To have the true skiing experience in Korea thus starts at the Vivaldi skiing grounds.
On top of that, Vivaldi ski resort is located closest to Seoul in Gangwondo, making it easy to add to your itinerary as a tourist visiting Korea.
Additionally, Vivaldi ski resorts amenities are well equipped, making it them a popular destination for everyone. Even those who don’t ski come to enjoy the natural scenery and the calming winter atmosphere.

2. Vivaldi ski resort accommodation,  equipment rental, lesson package product introduction

This listing books accommodation at the ski resort and offers a discount for the ski equipment rental and lesson package.
Purchasing the package together with the accommodation offers a better price than individually purchasing them.
This is an exclusive offer given to those who book accommodation with Vivaldi resort.

3. Vivaldi ski package product characteristics

Ski/snowboard equipment rental, lesson, and breakfast are available at a special discount when accommodation booking.
This is a compulsory product for accommodation and skiing options.
Individual ski equipment rental and ski lesson booking is possible.
You can individually choose to opt in for the ski equipment rental and the ski lesson options for as many people as needed within your group.

4. Ski product reservation guide

If your party has 4 people
and among them
Number of people who won’t ski: 1
Number of people availing need ski equipment rental: 2
Number of people availing ski equipment rental and ski lessons: 1

Then choose
1) Choose the desired date


2) Choose the desired accommodation type


3) Choose the shuttle bus pickup location” option

4) Choose the accommodation type, ski rental, lesson and breakfast options

5. Ok! Now let’s go to book a winter season trip to Korea

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