Visit the floating island of Han River, Some Sevit

Three shining islands,  Some Sevit
Beautifully illuminates the Han River .


The Some Sevit (Sevit Island) is a complex cultural space created as a landmark where people can enjoy a unique waterfront culture on the Han River, the center of Seoul. It’s the world’s first floating structure to build on floating bodies. It consists of three shining islands that makes the Han River look more beautiful, also a variety of images and contents are shown. The word ‘Some’ implies ‘awesome’ and ‘something’ that is similar to ‘island’ in Korean, and it combines ‘severe’, ‘fascinating’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘extremely wonderful’ with ‘Sevit’ that means ‘three lights’

* Vit means ‘utus(water)’ in Latin.


🌞Some Sevit_

An island full of luxurious and elegant lights

It is a space full of luxurious and colorful lights. There are convention halls optimized for hosting MICE industries such as international conferences, business events, banquets, and ceremonies, as well as cafes to enjoy Han River, Italian restaurants, and some Pubs. The night of light is full of beautiful lights. Exteriorly decorated LED lights further accentuate the luxury and beauty of the Some Sevit.


Some Gavit


Isola_ Italian cuisine

Isola serves a variety of Italian foods. Isola means Island in Italian. It is located on Sevit Island, the center of the brilliant Han River.

From salads to pasta and main dish, Isola offers a satisfying course meal and a single menu. You can enjoy a leisurely meal during the day and excellent cuisine at night, as well as the sun-drenched Hangang River and the night view. The best place to have a special day is the Isola Restaurant, where there is a romantic atmosphere of the Han River in the city center!


📍 1st floor of Some Gavit 
📍 150 seats
📍 Contact: 02-533-0077
📍 Open Hours: 11:30 ~ 21:30  ※ Breaktime (Mon-Sun): 15:00 ~ 17:30

Café Dolce

Dolce is Italian for sweet desserts. Enjoy a relaxing break with a cup of coffee at the Café Dolce, where you can feel the atmosphere of the Hangang River most closely. Café Dolce offers not only the coffee which extracted from fresh beans, but also some smoothie, tea, etc. You can choose whatever you prefer. It will also help you end your day more meaningfully with a variety of differentiated desserts, including sweet handmade cakes made by professional patisserie, and Italian flat breads, Pocachia and handmade cookies.


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📍 1st floor of Some Gavit 
📍 150 seats
📍 Contact: 02-3477-3600
📍 Open Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00 (Mon-Thurs) 11:00 ~ 22:00 (Fri-Sun) 


New Concept & Premium Water Leisure Attraction, Tubester
A joyful space where you can enjoy foods and beverages on the water with the fun of driving a motor boat, and talk with people you love admiring the magnificent view of nature.

Cafe on the Water
A cozy place where you can enjoy the beautiful view of river and lake on the water
Picnic on the water
A delicious place where you can enjoy delicious picnic foods and beverages on the water
Party on the water
An open place where you can enjoy various events for everyone on the water


Golden Blue

Where luxury yachts and party boats can be boarded at reasonable prices. Golden Blue Marina presents you with the best moments for romantic dates, exotic events, and special gatherings.

Beautiful Sunset 
See the beautiful sunset from above the Han River. Enjoy a cool river breeze during the day and a deep red sunset over the Han River.

The beautiful rainbow fountain show that flows from Banpo Han River Bridge can be seen, and you can enjoy Sevit Island, which lights the Han River beautifully, and the beautiful night view of Seoul.
Have fun with your friends, family
The banquet hall offers spacious spaces and luxurious catering services at affordable prices. A private meeting and party on a yacht on the Han River is a key point of our differentiation.
The event can be held in a cozy space. Share an unforgettable happiness with your lover. 

Each boat / yachts (30 min)
– Adult : 15,000 ~ 35,000 won
– Child : 12,000 ~ 28,000 won
📍Open Hours 
Weekdays : 14:00 ~ 22:00
Weekends : 13:00 ~ 22:00
📍More Details : Golden Blue Marina
📍Tel. 02-599-0900

FIC Wedding

FIC Wedding/Casting is the only water-convention space in Korea. It has a 13m-high floor and serves 500 seats simultaneously. It offers a variety of events including international conferences, corporate banquets, marketing events, brand launching events, and weddings. It features state-of-the-art sound, video facilities, car lifts, and wide screen facilities in the 18M across the street with 16,000 Ansi resolution at the front. After the party, the automatic curtain behind the stage will be opened and the night view of the Han River will be fantastic to create by the LED system of the window of glass, creating a special and unforgettable moment.

📍More Details: FI COnvention 



It is a luxurious restaurant where you can enjoy the course dinner made by the best chef and food stylist for the great Han River view, and a place where you can enjoy the beautiful night view of the Han River, including 63 Building and Namsan Mountain, while enjoying a variety of dishes, high-quality wine, and selected beer from all over the world. It was used as a place for parties after Fendi and Chanel’s fashion show, and it was a place where famous movie stars such as Zhang Ziyi were honored.

As soon as you enter the entrance, you will be able to remember the world of refined atmosphere, elegant service with state-of-the-art interiors, the best food produced by the best chefs, the premium dinner and casual dining on the floating island.

📍 3rd floor of Some Gavit 
📍 220 seats
📍 Contact: 02-537-2405
📍 Open Hours: 11:30 am ~ 1:00 am  (Everyday)



🐦Some Chavit _

It is a bright and colorful space full of fun. With over 160 kinds of high-quality dishes, enjoy the space of Some Chavit. 

Dolce Bambina

Dolce means sweet or dessert in Italian. Bambina means “child” in Spanish. With Dolce Bambina, a sweet dessert cafe, you can have a great time as well as fun. Handmade macaroons made by a professional patissier. Gelato of Dolce Bambina using the best milk, select fresh raw material, they think of taste and health first.



The BODYFRIEND , located on the island of Sevit, is the only cafe in the world where you can experience premium massage and enjoy relaxing tea time on the HanRiver.


Chavit cuisine

The restaurant offers 160 kinds of high-end specialty dishes that deliver the true taste of the food served at reasonable prices as it offers a grand view of the Han River from an opened space. All major dishes, including Japan, Korea, baked foods and bakery products, are cooked in real time before customers see them, providing not only taste but also visual entertainment. It is a special restaurant that offers unforgettable experiences to dinners. Meals, of course, offer a variety of drinks and drinks, including wine, at reasonable prices, so you can eat them a little more deliciously.



Chavit PDR

The luxurious atmosphere and elegant place environment honor a special day. The colorful decorations and fine dishes made by the best chefs will make your event a glorious opportunity. Whether it’s a company banquet, a family party or a company seminar, I promise to do my best from the beginning to the end of each event.


🌼Some Solvit_

The pine-colored Han River has a beautiful view in view. This is an exotic River-view Kids’ experience space. It offers a creative learning playground for children through a variety of interesting experiences. Give your children a new play culture and a special experience !



The time when the family can have a good time in the Han River. The dreams and memories that love children can’t forget. Get the value from PIM!



💐Some Yevit_

Yevit is the shining light that shares talent and artistic ability! It is a media art gallery where you can enjoy a wide variety of visual contents.
The large LED screen and water stage will provide a range of different performances and events on the banks of the Han River.


Media Art Gallery

Yevit is a media art gallery where you can enjoy a wide variety of visual contents. The large LED screen and water stage will provide a range of different performances and events on the banks of the Han River.




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2085-14, Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서초구 올림픽대로 2085-14 (반포동)