USA Well-known chain pancake shop in Itaewon – Original Pancake House

Original Pancake House, a well-known American pancake shop, has been in Japan and Korea for a while, so it can be eaten in these two places. Today, this branch is located in Itaewon, because it is delicious and also the decor here is very lovely.

Original Pancake House is a long-established American pancake chain. Itaewon’s branch also maintains their style. The whole store is decorated in the style of an old American restaurant. People who often watch American movies or drama would feel seems like travel through time. very retro and cute.

It’s very unusual from the door of the store. The semicircle design on the door and the feeling of the whole door make people look forward to the moment when they just enter the door.

The whole decoration and the seats, such like the red brick sofa with the white table, steel counter and so on, all like the appearance of old American movies. Of course, other than that, the place is so famous for their meals.

We usually eat sweet pancakes. In addition to selling their signature meals, there are various flavors of pancake, waffle, crepe and other salty food.

Just looking at the photos on the menu, we want to eat all of it. For the first time, we ordered a salty one and a sweet one. When it comes to American pancakes, it must be pancakes! (Which like McDonald’s sold!) So we chose the fruit-flavored pancake, which is now the strawberry season in South Korea. Presumably, the strawberry must be delicious!

also ordered a ham cheese egg roll. We were all shocked when the meal was delivered. It’s really an American restaurant. Each one is full of weight, the egg roll is so big, and three pancakes are attached.

The thick egg roll is outside crispy and soft inside. Usually, the egg roll is all soft after delivered. I didn’t expect it to maintain the crisp taste of outside. When cutting it the melted cheese will flow out and inside the egg is mixed with the cheese and ham, very delicious! The pancakes are also served with salty whipped cream, which is a very fresh and wonderful taste for us.

There is a can of maple syrup on each table. Then about the sweet pancake, our strawberry banana pancake is also accompanied by a small cup of strawberry jam, especially have to praise their fresh cream, sweet but not greasy, with pancakes really super delicious! The pancakes to eat with maple syrup or strawberry sauce, or with fresh cream and fruit are all different tastes. They are all delicious and can’t help but eat it all at once~

However, it should be noted that there are not so many beverage choices here. My friends chose tea. I ordered a latte. Their latte is without milk foam. The second time, I ordered an American coffee. The American style here. coffee is bottomless.

The portion size of here is big. so If there are few people come together, the pancake or waffle can choose half size. The second time I came tried the waffle, with a half size of the pancake, this time the pancake we chose Blueberry-flavored, it with salty whipped cream, followed by blueberry sauce.

Waffle is also delicious, the outside is somewhat crispy, and the inside is soft. If I really want to say it, there is no particularly amazing feeling. Maybe it is because I have already eaten a better waffle in other restaurants!

It is recommended that to go with many people can choose more different meals because sweet and salty are difficult to choose, both must try! I would also like to go once again to try other meals, especially the various salty foods. It is also very suitable for brunch. They also have branches in sinsa-dong garosu-gil, you can refer to it. I can understand why this store has been in business for so many years and it is really delicious! Recommend to everyone~

Original Pancake House
🍽 : 08:00 – 22:00
🏠 : 153, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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