Review of Unique Travel Experience at Jeju Alive Museum

Jeju Alive Museum – Where your imaginations come true!
Jeju Alive Museum

Visit Alive Museum, where you can enjoy unique experiences and make great memories with children! Alive Museum is the world’s biggest optical illusion theme park driven by imaginative power.

It is located inside Jungmun Tourist Complex, making the museum very accessible!

Alive Museum

The museum also has many branches throughout Korea and other countries as well, including the ones in Seoul (Insadong), Daecheon, Yeosu, Shenyang in China, Hanoi in Vietnam,  Singapore (Suntec City), and Ancol in Indonesia!

Museum Pricing Chart

Operating Hours

Open all year round, 09:00-21:30 (Last Admission 20:30)

Admission Fee

[Alive Museum Exhibition]
Adult: ₩11,000
Youth: ₩10,000
Child: ₩9,000

[Alive Kart]
Single Kart: ₩25,000
Extra fee for 2-seater (Child): ₩5,000
Extra fee for 2-seater (Adult): ₩10,000

[Alive Museum + Kart Discount Package] Adult: ₩36,000 => ₩31,000
Youth: ₩35,000 => ₩30,000
Child: ₩14,000 => ₩29,000

Check out their official website here:
Museum Exterior

It looks magnificent from the exterior appearance! We felt as if we were at a giant museum in a foreign country!

In fact, Alive Museum Jeju Jungmun Branch is thought as one of the best touristic spots representing Jeju, for having a spacious exhibition hall and even a parking lot!

Museum 4D Enterance   Museum Counter

When you enter, there are simple amusement facilities including a 4D experience center and claw machines! It looks like a nice place for kids to play.

In addition, you can rent a wheelchair or a stroller for free at the entrance!

Jeju Alive Museum Enterance

Finally entering the museum!

You cannot bring food, drinks, nor pets into the museum, so please keep that in mind!
Museum Wall Exhibits

Making your Photos come Alive

When you’re inside, you’ll be looking around the exhibition taking pictures in front of the frames. There is a super helpful TIP for you at each exhibit telling you how to take the best pictures!
Musuem Selfie Preview

1. Take photos at designated photo zones.

Spatial perspective technique is applied to each art piece, so you can leave a better, three-dimensional looking photo when you take pictures at the marked, photo point spot.

Jeju Alive Museum Selfie

2. Be mindful of the distance between you and each art piece!

The maximum distance for using the camera flash is 3m, so it is better to take photos at a closer distance!

Alive Museum Selfie

3. Be mindful of camera movements when taking photos.

The surface of optical illusion pieces are painted with thin, special paint, so when the photo is shaky, it might look less three-dimensional. So minimize the camera movement!

Jeju Alive Museum

Alive Museum Jungmun Branch has 5 different themes that make your imaginations come to reality: optical illusion art, media art, object art, sculpture art and provence art!

Jeju Alive Museum Selfie
You can create your own art as if you’re the main lead by seeing, listening and touching with the exhibits in the museum.
Jeju Alive Museum
Also, you can enjoy the organ performance. Here is a 100-year-old organ, and it can play all kinds of music from Tango, Rumba, Jazz to pop music! It’s 4m high, and it plays cheerful music (Gangnam Style) 😀
Jeju Alive Museum Selfie 1
There were only us around that day, so we could enjoy the music comfortably.
Opticla Illusion Sign
Personally, I found the optical illusion art exhibition the most fun!
Opticla Illusion Mirror

People look like they’re in the mirror 😀

They say couples who take photos here usually hold each other’s hands!

Museum Opticla Illusion
We recommend you to fully charge your phone/camera battery, so that you can take tons of photos at the many different photo places here.
Also, you will get better photos without camera flash.
Jeju Alive Museum Optical Illusion
The marked photo points designate the best spots for both the photographer and for the person who is getting photographed!
Shark Enterance   Bridge
If there are no passerby to help you take pictures, feel free to ask the staff for a little help!
We took tons of photos here, as every place was a piece of art!
Museum Photo Shop    Museum Gift Shop
There is a souvenir shop on your way out from the exhibition.
They sell distinctive Jeju souvenirs inside 😀

Jeju Alive Kart

Kart Counter
Finally, it is time for Alive Karting, the most awaited time of the day!!!
This is a place for a thrilling karting experience, and the facility was safely equipped; even more than I thought it would be!
Instructions And Pricing

The prices are written above, a single cart costs 25,000 won. For 2-seater, you would need to pay an additional 5,000 won to have your child seat beside you and 10,000 won for an extra adult.

It would be better for you to purchase a package ticket if you’d like to enjoy the karting experience as well!
Karting instructions     Kart Enterance
When you exit the door, you will see the karting site!
There is a trail next to the place, and you can take a stroll while waiting!
Kart Statue     Kart Drive

There are many art pieces placed along the trail as well, so you can take more photos here. Plus, you can have the whole view of the karting place from up here, in the observatory!

Kart Photo Zone    Kart Display
You will finish the karting experience by taking a picture on the podium 😀
You can buy the photo with a frame as well!
Jeju Alive Museum
Jeju Alive Museum is a great place where you can make wonderful memories with children, friends, lovers, or your family.
It is recommended to visit the museum on a rainy day, or when you’d like to look around Jungmun area! 😀
Jeju Alive Museum
Location – 42 JungmunGwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-shi, Jeju
Telephone – (+82) 62-805-0888