Unique Sightseeing in Seoul- Handmade Shoes Street!

Looking for something different to do while you are visiting Seoul?

Have you checked off all the major tourist destinations?

Or are you looking for a special souvenir to take back home?

BnBHero would like to highly recommend a unique sightseeing activity in Seoul at Seongsu Station, where there is the quietly famous Handmade Shoes street! (Seongsu Sujaewha Geori in Korean!) This is an ideal place to spend half a day shopping for shoes and also grabbing a bite to eat at one of the highly recommended restaurants in this area.

Seongsu Handmade Shoes Street Googlemap

Handmade Shoes Street

Around 600 shoes related companies  and 6,000 people are engaged in shoes related businesses in this Korea’s largest shoes industry Mecca. You can buy high quality, comfortable handmade shoes at much cheaper prices- and if you are in Korea for a while, order custom shoes also!

How to Get There

Seongsu Station is located on line 2 (green line), and is in between both Hanyang University and Konkuk University.  At the subway, there is a map of the area with a lot of interesting displays and information on the history of the district!


Photo Courtesy of Jjooya0913

If you are looking to grab something to eat for a snack, we recommend that you head out of Exit 1. If you head straight, you will see a famous tteokbokku franchise called ‘Jaws Tteokbokki’. If you turn right from there, you will walk down a street with a lot of different restaurants and cafes! We’ve attached a few photos below to help guide you down this eating street.


The white and red store in corner is Jaws Tteokbokki! If you turn right…


You will see a street with a lot of different restaurants and cafes!


Most are small and very cute, but if you are looking for a famous restaurant to visit while you are in the neighborhood, we have two recommendations below!

Photo Courtesy of iloveshoes

We highly recommending grabbing a Korean snack like tteokbokki, or coffee and dessert. (Did you check out our other post on conducting a Hongdae Dessert Tour?) After gathering your energy, it is time to go shopping! Not only does Seongsu have shoes for women, but also for men!

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

Outside of Exit 1, there is SSST. A large store with a very diverse collection of high quality shoes. You can’t miss it, not with the statue outside the shoe store!


Photo Courtesy of Jubee


Photo Courtesy of Jjooya0913

But outside of Exit 3 and 4 there are also many smaller stores, and places that also sell different shoe parts. Did you know how many different shoe parts existed? This is a very interesting place to visit to learn more! You can find very high quality shoes at affordable prices- and it is also a unique experience!


This gentleman is an expert at making shoes- isn’t it nice to buy a souvenir that is handmade?


They add the cork to the foot model on purpose! It’s to make shoes for people with wider feet- isn’t that interesting?

Photo Courtesy of Grayhole

And to reward yourself with all that walking, why about lunch or dinner at one of these delicious restaurants?

gukbapPhoto Courtesy of 행운이

이북집’ Ee-buk-jib is famous for their rice soup. You get a large hot bowl of sizzling soup made out of beef broth and soondae, a Korean type of blood sausage! The best way to eat this is to dunk half of your bowl of rice into the soup bowl, add some kimchi, and enjoy, and then repeat the process. At only 7,000 won, if you are not a fan of Soondae there are also plenty of other casual Korean dishes to feast on!

Or perhaps you prefer noodles? Jeju Noodles has been visited by many celebrities, just look at their wall full of autographs and photos!

wallDo you recognize any of the celebrities on the walls? 


Photo Courtesy of 장뽀리

Famous for their noodles with either beef or chicken, if you have a large appetite you can especially request a larger portion! How hungry are you?  If you prefer to eating your noddles a little bit spicy you can always add some Korean chili-powder on top!

As usual, we have created a public googlemap for our readers to use to visit Seongsu station, and have also highlighted the location of the two restaurants that we highly recommend!

Seongsu Handmade Shoes Street Googlemap

Did you know Seoul had its own handmade shoes street? Have you been to this area before? Let us know in the comments and share some photos of your most recent shoe purchases in Korea!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this informative blog on the shoe street in Seoul. The shoes on sale in this street are exquisitely crafted and the mouthwatering South Korean cuisine makes this street extra special. I would love to visit this place someday. Looking forward to read more interesting articles from you in the future.


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