Unforgettable cultural experience – Jjimjilbang

What a interesting cultural experience -Jjimjilbang

If you have been Korea but don’t know what a jjimjilbang is then, you are missing out. Jjimjilbang is a Korean public bath house, but there’s so much more to it than that.  Jjimjilbang is not just a Korean public bath house,which are open 24-hours, actually double as Korea’s best budget accommodations: for a few thousand won more than the standard entrance fee, you can opt to spend the night in the sleeping room.

Facilities inside Jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang always comprised of baths and a heated communal resting area, and usually also including a range of other heated (or frozen) rooms.

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Some even have movie theaters with massive, lounger-style seats.12096617_10153551772528780_5689377897608649096_n

There are communal sleeping areas that families enjoy sleeping together in the common room.


Normally beside the comment ground, there is restaurant selling eggs, ice-cream and drinks.



How to do in Jjimjilbang

Step 1: Pay, Receive Clothing

The price of admission varies between W6,000 and W14,000, depending on the bathhouse, the day, and time of day. You will receive your clothing after payment. Normally, the color of the clothes are different for men, women and children.


Step 2: Take off Shoes, Enter the Changing Room

When you get to an area full of small lockers take off your shoes and place them in one. There will be an area to take off your shoes, so try not to wear them on the raised area beyond that. If there’s a removable key in the shoe locker take it with you.

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Step 3: Shower, Bath

The cardinal rule here is that you need to wash before getting into the baths. There will be rows of washing stations and piles of plastic stools; grab one and pick a faucet. There will be soap, but there isn’t likely to be shampoo or conditioner, so you’ll need to bring your own . Once you’re nice and clean, head to the tubs.

Step 4: Saunas , Sleep

Here is the time you can enjoy any saunas you want, take a rest in common ground, eat something in the restaurant or even play the game in the game rooms.

Step 5: Leave

When you’re ready to leave, just head back into the changing rooms and get back into your street clothes , throwing your jjimjilbang clothes into the bin provided.


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