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Do you know our section on Wednesday Food Talk? One of the most popular restaurant review shows in South Korea with places loved and highly rated by Koreans, we have started to put together guidebooks on popular restaurants, as well as one of the most interesting food maps of South Korea!

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Wednesday Food Talk had a great episode on Korea’s number one iconic instant food! Ramyeon, or instant noodles is a very favorite past time for all Koreans whether young and old! The entire episode can be found on youtube, but without Korean subtitles.

We thought the most important things you would like to know are the Top 10 Instant Noodles in South Korea, exotic combinations of instant noodles (take 2 different types and make a third flavour!!) as well as one of the newest trend in Korean noodles, Jjampong!!

(Don’t remember what jjampong is? Check out this old article we wrote!)


Everyone has their own way of preparing instant noodles! Do you put the soup stock first before the water boils, or after? Do you wait for the water to re-boil before you add the noodles? How al-dente do you like your noodles?

You might remember our 7 different tips for making even better instant noodles! This is one of the best ways of learning to make Korea’s favorite meal and snack!



Instant noodles in Korea is called “Ramyeon (라면)”, but if you google search it google will try to “correct” your spelling mistake into Ramen.

The difference?

Ramen is Japanese noodles, whether it is the instant kind or the non-instant kind! Ramyeon is Korean, and while originally it was first introduced in Korea with the technical assistant with a Japanese food company, Ramyeon is 100% Korean!

Did you know a lot of noodles have the same method of preparation, but different details when it comes to how long you should boil the noodles? Check out the instructions in the back to make sure that you don’t miss out!! 

Let’s begin the ultimate guide to Korean Ramyeon!

Top 10 Ramyeon


Number 10: Paldo Bibim Myeon

Bibimmyeon is cold noodles that Koreans love to at in the summer time, and this brand is one of the most popular when it comes to the instant version! All you have to do is boil the noodles, wash them in cold water and drain it, and then mix it with the sauce!


BnbHero’s tip on making it even tastier: Add some sesame oil, black sesame and Korean pickled radish on top for an extra crispy and crunchy bite!


Number 9: Buldalk Bokkeum Myeon (Also Called Fire Noodle!)

Have you seen this hilarious video on Koreans and Foreigners competing to eat the Fire Noodle Challenge?

One of the SPICIEST instant noodles out there, it comes in both cup noodle and instant noodle version! It is SUPER SUPER SUPER spicy, and Koreans love to eat spicy food in other to relieve stress!


Number 8: Nongshim Shin Cup Ramyeon

This is a childhood classic! Ask any Korean and they will tell you they had this growing up as a snack, or sometimes as a mid night snack! All you have to do is add the soup and pour hot water, and you have a great, tasty meal!

BnBHero Tip: Flying Korean airlines and need something more to eat? Ask for cup noodles! 80% of the time they will have cup noodles on board, and don’t tell me it doesn’t sound like a great idea!


Number 7: Otteugi Sesame Seat Ramyeon!

Do you know if you go to a Korean grocery store, they usually sell instant noodles by the back of 5 or 6? This spicy flavor version is a classic favorite!


Number 6: Yukaejang Cup Noodle

A classic favorite that Koreans, this is one of the most popular Korean instant noodles! You will see a lot of people especially enjoying this one when they are on holiday, whether they are on a road trip or at a rest area on the highway!


BnBHero Tip! Did you know most Koreans, especially children eat their noodles by turning the lid into a small temporary plate? It is a great way of cooling down the noodles a little bit, and making it easier to eat!


Number 5: Samyang Ramyeon

Also called “the original Ramyeon”, Samyang Ramyeon has a large yellow mark on its label! The classic way of eating noodles is with the special instant noodle pot- I kid you not!


Number 4:

Another classic favorite? Noguri Ramyeon! It is famous for its thick and chewy noodles, just look at that shot! ramyeon11

Number 3: Nongshim’s Ansong Tangmyeon

What is this crazy person doing?? Eating instant noodles as a snack! They best way of doig it is crushing the noodles in the bag and shaking it after adding the noodle stock! This is not very healthy, but hey! An awesome treat every once in a while.


Number 2: Nongshim’s Chapagetti!

It sounds like spaghetti, and it is meant to! This black noodle is a classic favorite!! First you boil the noodles and drain it, and then mix in the black sauce!

It is not quite the same as Korean black bean noodles “Jjajangmyeon”, but it is a close contender, and the best midnight snack!


Number 1: Nongshin Shin Ramyeon

The cup ramyeon version made it onto the top ten, but the number one instant noodle in South Korea? Nongshin’s Shin Ramyeon! Full of amazing and delicious flavors, it has been #1 for over 25 years!!


You must not forget one of the best ways to eat Korean instant noodles- with an egg! Whether you like to keep it hold or really stir it inside, an egg is a necessary addition to all instant noodles!

Instant Jjampong Roundup!


Instant Jjampong is a trend of instant noodles with the taste of the spicy seafood noodle, but spicier! Different companies have made their own version, and here are the top four that you have to try!


Jjampong 1: Samyang Gatt JJampong!

One of the spiciest ones out there, the Wednesday Food Talk judges have said it is spicy enough that after two chopstick full of noodle it is enough to have you covered in sweat! (Does this count as detox?)


Jjampong 2: Paldo Bul Jjampong

The one that had a test most similar to real jjampong, it is called “fire” jjampong for a reason! The chef featured on the cover is one of Korea’s most popular Korean-Chinese chefs, and a lot of people have said that this is one of the most authentic jjampongs out there.


Jjampong 3: Nongshim Mat Jjampong

The one with the best noodle texture, if you love your instant noodles al dente and the bite of chewy noodles, this is the jjampong for you!


Jjampong 4:  Otteugi Jin Jjampong

The jjampong with the number of sales in Korea, it has noodles thicker than normal instant noodles, and was judged to be one of the most delicious instant jjampongs of the group!


BnBHero Tip: Just because it is instant noodles doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Adding a lot of extra ingredients is a great way of spicing things things up! From seafood to vegetables, and maybe some meat (what about trying bacon ramyeon!) you should try experimenting with your ramyeon!


Is this a real ramyeon? We heard it was! If you manage to find GREEN INSTANT NOODLES let us know!

Hybrid Instant Noodle Combinations!

Koreans love to experiment with food, and one of the ways they like to do this is by combining different types of instant noodles together! We found this awesome article and wanted to share some of the combinations!

The first! It combines Chapaghetti with Jan Jjampong! In reality Koreans actually love eating Jjampong and Jjajangmyeon, but eating it mixed at the same time?


Not only can you find Korean instant noodles, you can also find “western” instant noodles! This combines two flavours- normal spaghetti, and cheese!


Is cheese the weirdest instant noodle flavour you can think of? What about Curry? If full on curry is too much for you, try combining it with a normal instant noodle also, to balance out the taste!

What other flavors can you combine? What about a spicy Korean noodle, with a non spicy one? The left is “Nagasaki Jjampong”, Japanese style and the right combines it with a Korean beef stock soup for a more rounded out and savory flavor!

This combines “Teumsaemyeon” and a different flavor! The last combines it with instant handcut noodles, which gives the noodles a thicker and chewier texture, while the right combines it with the super spicy Korean noodles everyone loves to talk about!

Speaking of spicy, another great way is combining spicy fire noodles with either instant spaghetti (cheese flavour) or with the classic favorite, chapaghetti!

Which one looks attractive to you? Which are you willing to give a shot?


So this is the end of our ultimate instant noodle guide! What do you think? Craving some Korean noodles?

We are!!

Photos and inspiration come from this Siksin Hot post, Fav76’s blog post and Woono772’s article

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