Ulleung Do – Mysterious Island

Have you ever heard about Ulleung Island?

Ulleung Island is a pentagon-shaped island located 92km away from Dokdo. The island is made from a series of volcanic eruptions. Its highest peak is called Seonginbong Peak, and there is a village along the coastline on the slope. On the north side, there is a caldera crater which collapsed then created the Nari Basin and the Albong Basin.ulleung locationHave you planned to go to Ulleung Island? You can take ferry from Gangneung or Pohang to the Island.

You should take a tour, rent a car, use shuttle bus or taxi if you don’t want to get lost, because this island is too large, and there is no public transportation for you.

So which places should you visit  in Ulleung Island?

  1. Bongnae Water Fall

Bongnae Waterfall is three-tiered with a height of 25 meters. The flowing, cool water brings a slight chill to the area surrounding the falls, especially in summer. As a major tourist attraction, Bongnae Waterfall is also the only source of drinking water for residents in Ulleung-eup. Most of the water used in restaurants and inns in Ulleung-eup comes from Bongnae Waterfall.

Bongnae WaterfallThis water fall is so amazing!

2. Nari Basin

A caldera basin (a large volcanic depression, caused by collapse or explosion), Nari is the largest flat area in Ulleungdo Island, offering a perfect natural environment for residents to grow medicinal herbs and vegetables.The Nari Basin still preserve traditional houses, such as shingle-roofed houses and grass-roofed houses, commonly found on the island.KakaoTalk_20160731_125819767

3. Haengnam Coastal Walking Path 

Travelers to Ulleung-do Island make a point to visit Haengnam Coastal Walking Path as this is the trail that brings out the wonders of the island. Below the bridge that connects a cave and valley, there is a beautiful coastal area with a path leading to Haengnam Village.

2359727_image_11.jpgcre pic: visitkorea.or.kr

People said that Haengnam Lighthouse  is at the end of the walking path, but when I went to the end of the walking path I didn’t see any Lighthouse nearby, maybe I haven’t gone to the end yet, but I saw the poster of 1 Night 2 Day Program, they had been there before!!

4. Jeodonghang Port

Jeodonghang Port is the biggest port in Ulleung-gun where most of squid fishing and related process take place. “Jeodongeohwa,” referring to the luring lights from the boats for squid fishing is one of the famous “8 Major Beauties” of Ulleungdo Island.  Now, the port has a large fish market. I didn’t see any light house when I went to the end of Haendnam walking path but I had chance to visit the light house in Jeodong hang Port.


5. Dodonghang Port

Dodonghang Port is the port for ferries leaving or arriving in Ulleung-do Island. Ferries arrive here from Pohang or Muhko terminals or leave for Dokdo Island. To the left of the port is the Manghyangbong Peak; to the right, there is Haengnam Lighthouse with its 2,500-year old juniper tree.

KakaoTalk_20160727_122601392[wpvideo fhLYFvY6]

6. Taehahyangmok Tourist Monorail

Taehahyangmok (or Juniper Tree in English) Tourist Monorail takes visitors on a tour of the beautiful site in Ulleung-do Island. The monorail starts from ‘Charcoal Cave’ in Taeha-dong and ends at ‘Taeha Lighthouse’, the best vista point in Ulleung-do Island. I didn’t have chance to take the monorail, I will try next time ^^

2359727_image_6.jpgcre pic: visitkorea.or.kr

7. Dodong Mineral Spring Park

Located at the foot of a mountain, Dodong Mineral Spring Park is 300 meters from Dodong Harbor. Located in the park, there are the Dokdo Museum, and the Museum of History, as well as a mineral spring. You can drink water here, and It is really like sparkling water as well, so fresh!!!


8. Dokdo

From Ulleungdo, you can take ferry to Dokdo at Dodonghang Port. Dokdo is comprised of two main islands: Dongdo, or East Island and Seodo, or West Island.

For more information on traveling Dokdo, click here

dokdo_20cre pic: visitkorea.or.kr

9. Dokdo island Observatory Cable Car

The Dokdo Island Observatory Cable Car, from which one can get a bird’s eye view of Ulleung-do Island, is a must-see tourist attraction. Located inside the DodongYaksu Park, the cable car takes visitors up to Manghyangbong Peak. When the sky is really clear (about 50 days a year), you can see as far as Dokdo Island that is located 92 kilometers away. This is also the first place to view the rising sun in Ulleung-do Island.


10. Chairman Park Jeong-hee’s Footprints in Ulleung Do

Don’t miss this place. This house is one of the historic sites of Ulleung Do. Chairman Park Jeong-hee, who is father of Chaiman Park GeunHye has been to this house when he visited Ulleung Island.


11. Pumpkin Jelly and Pumpkin cake

Pumpkin Jelly (hobakYeot) or Pumpkin cake (hobakbbang) is the most famous product of Ulleung Island, so try to eat and buy some to present your friends.


When you visit there, don’t forget to enjoy seafood, Ulleung Island has many seafood restaurants and accommodations for you!!!

For more detail about Ulleung Island, visit the website:


Enjoying your vacation in Ulleung island will never be a bad choice!!!


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