TV Sensation and One Stop Food Guide!

“The Demand of Luxurious Food”

Also known as “Wednesday Food Talk” 


“You know what they say- you are what you eat!”

Amongst the flood of cooking and eating shows,

Comes THE talk show with such exquisite prose that

Simply listening to the hosts, it will

Make you salivate with hunger!

From modest set menu restaurants to luxury fine dining,

Comes a domestic restaurant guide from

Our hosts so well-travelled that they

Have experienced extensively all restaurants worth visiting!

From a dishes’ history and origins, to behind the scene stories,

By learning the origins and culture of the restaurant, it will

Heighten the senses of the food!


If you know what you eat, it is more delicious,

It is time to share the gourmand’s database!



Shin Dong-Yeob (45) / Host

“All food goes though me!” – High Quality Celebrity tastebuds, expert gourmand Shin Dong-Yeob.

Jongno-gu, a district packed with historic restaurants- he spent his childhood here polishing his skills!

Dreams of traveling domestically to discover restaurants through “Demand of Luxurious Food”

A walking food dictionary who knows not only domestic, but international famous restaurants!

  • Gourmet Experience: 25 Years
  • Specialization: If paired with alcohol, everything goes! A mania for spicy food that calls for alcohol.
  • Gourmet Motto: Money spent on food and drinks is worth every penny!


f130651831096629038(0)Jeon Hyun Moo (38) / Host

More of a beginner gourmand than an expert

Enjoys MSG and food so spicy it can burn your insides, and also able to distinguish MSG and Beef MSG!

Korea’s atypical taste buds- thinks jjigae tastes the best if you add rice and mix it well!

Wants to appreciate not only modest dishes, but also high quality cuisine through “Demand of Luxurious Food”.

  • Gourmet Experience: Not long
  • Specialization: Spicy and Salty food with a lot of MSG!
  • Gourmet Motto: Are all MSGs equal?!


f130747489092051397(0)Lee Hyun Woo (50) / Singer

Eat as much as you know! Assistant Cook Musician Lee Hyun Woo!

Able to distinguish a recipe with just one taste- a true gourmet’s DNA!

With a hobby of treating friends to amazing food and a lover of “speciality” dishes!

Eats anything and everything, no complaints!

However, when it is untasty quietly~  puts down his spoon – a gentleman gourmand!

  • Gourmet Experience: 36 Years
  • Specialization: Capable of making over 50 pasta dishes!
  • Gourmet Motto: Even if you only eat one meal, make it count!


f130651835969632275(0)Hong Shin-ae (39) / Chef and Food Stylist

From musician to food gourmand! Her passion for food led to a change of industry!

Untasty food should be eaten quickly while tasty food should be savoured slowly! – when it comes to food, eats everything and knows how to enjoy it as a Grand. Food. Gourmand!

Able to trace her aristocratic roots, she remembers to origins of food and is a “first generation” to dine out.

From MBC “Good Morning FM I am Jeon HyunMoo” to “Good Morning Dining Table”, renown for her combustional chemistry with fellow hosts!

  • Gourmet Experience: 26 Years
  • Specialization: Freshly Cooked Delicious Rice and Bibimbap Mania
  • Gourmet Motto: The purpose of food is not survival but enjoyment!


f130663011002986645(0)Hwang Kyo-Ik (54) / Food Critic

A renowned food critic who established himself from the 1990s

Famous as an editor and inspiration behind Comic “Shik-gek”, published several books on the majority’s palette. ”다수의 맛 관력 서적 출판”

He recreates fond memories and nostalgia related to the food, and doubles the excitement of gourmets- a true gourmet magician!


  • Gourmet Experience: 30 years
  • Specialization: Traditional Earthy Food, Traditional Long Standing Restaurants
  • Gourmet Motto: You are what you eat

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