Top 5 Korea's MUST-VISIT Shops !

Since Seoul is a paradise for shoppers, it has so many options that it’s easy to be overwhelmed when choosing a place to shop. To help you, we scoured Seoul’s best shopping shops. Bring some shopping carts on your heavy wallet and get ready to fill them up. You’re about to step into a shopping paradise like everyone else!

For Character Shops

1.  Line Friends shop

Line Friends was born in 2011 as a sticker character for the mobile messenger Line. New character IPs, including the original character “Brown & Friends,” created with global popular artist BTS, and “ROY6,” which collaborated with Chinese idol star Wang Yuen, are gaining huge popularity from the Millennial generation, and are taking off as a global creative studio. In the Line shops, you can buy many products with lovely characters drawn or imprinted. If you like something cute, it’s worth looking around the store!
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2. Kakao Friends shop 

KAKAO FRIENDS is one of the most famous character shop brands. The characters were born to use ‘Kakao Talk,’ a Korean mobile messenger application. There’s a giant Ryan standing at the entrance of each store! The characters are loved not only by Koreans but also by people all over the world. Each character has a unique look and atmosphere. With a total of 30 branches in Korea, you will be easily found in large shopping malls and major downtown areas such as Gangnam Station, DDP, Hongdae and COEX Mall.

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For Skincare and Cosmetics

1. Innisfree 

If you have ever been to Korea, you have seen Innisfree a lot. Innisfree means an island that relaxes your skin and is Korea’s first naturalist beauty brand that offers healthy beauty to customers with the benefits of nature from clean Jeju. Innisfree uses Jeju‘s natural ingredients such as green tea, hanran to showcase excellent products at reasonable prices, and is highly trusted and loved by customers in Korea and other Asian countries.

In the Innisfree Jeju House, you can not only experience everything of the brand with various activities that satisfy five senses, but also have a relaxing time surrounded by the beautiful nature of Jeju Island.
It was built to preserve the natural environment of the area. You can feel as if you have become part of nature while enjoying the cosmetics of Innisfree made of quality ingredients harvested in Jeju as well as organic foods made with fresh fat ingredients.
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2. Oliveyoung
Oliveyoung provides health and beauty shop diversity. The products include cosmetics, head and body products, medical products for customers who pursue healthy lifestyle as well as beauty. They sell not only a wide range of Korean beauty and makeup products you may have heard of, such as PONY, or CNP but also deal in various online & offline brands! Since Korea’s beauty industry is globally developed, you can get souvenirs for your friends or family ! You would love to buy some Korean mask sheets, lipstick and other steady sellers.

1. Rare Market

This concept store is one of the city’s best-built and most trendy stores. Its owner Dami is the sister of G-Dragon of Big Bang, one of the most successful groups in South Korea. The store’s international fashion and lifestyle brand has attracted other celebrities and even international fashion icons who like to insert new works into the wardrobe. The rare market not only boasts a great international fashion collection but also has the city’s first water bar. The store is located in Garosu-gil, one of them most famous fashion streets in Seoul. You will have a chance to look around more stores.
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Address: 24Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul, 6015, South Korea
Open hours: Mon – Sun 11:00am – 8:00pm