Top 10 Instagram Photos from BnBHero!

This week we wanted to present some of our TOP TEN photos from Instagram!

This is what our viewers liked the most in the past few weeks. What do you think?

*ranking may be different at time of viewing!

Number 10

Number 10 on our list is a beautiful photo from Cheolwon, Gangwon-do. It is a super exciting place to visit because it is where North and South Korea border, but also there are a lot of beautiful and exciting scenic destinations to check out!

Check out VisitKorea for more information!

Number 9

This is a photo from Ilchulbong Peak, and look how beautiful it is! What we love the most is that it is one of the places where anyone with a camera phone will be able to take stunning and beautiful photos!

Check our blog post on the 10 Must Visit Places in Jeju!

Number 8

Gyeongju is one of the most beautiful cities, and has a long and rich history! It was the capital of the Silla Dynasty, making it a very important destination for people interested in Korean history!

Check out the VisitKorea Site for more information!

Number 7

One of the most famous and popular Korean dish, bibimbap! This one is on the famous hot pot to make it sizzle and create that crunchy layer of rice at the base, and look how delicious it looks!

Number 6

Koreans love their chicken, beef and pork but did you know that we also love duck? Especially smoked duck! This is a delicious dish that not enough people know about, and we think it is a shame!

Looking for some restaurant recommendations? What about visiting

A Fat Girl’s Food Guide for a BBQ house that specializes in Smoked Duck! 

Number 5

Do you know samgyeopsal? We hope so! Everyone in Korea loves this grilled pork belly, and it is a dish that has many variations and specialties!

What is YOUR favorite way of eating Samgyeopsal?

Number 4

Did you know that there are a lot of libraries in Seoul that you can visit for free? Koreans are always studying in libraries and coffee shops (you can tell when the exams are around the corner because there are students studying EVERYWHERE!)

If you are visiting Samcheong-dong, what about looking to these must see landmarks?

Number 3

Deoksugung is a palace located right in the center of Seoul, and what makes it more impressive is the unique architecture and mix of heritages all in one area! It is a beautiful destination to visit when you have the time, so what about dropping by?

Check out more information here!

Number 2

One of the biggest fads in Korea was dried babies breath flowers that had been dyed in all sorts of different colors! What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? You can usually find the small dried flower arrangements in many of the florists in Korea!

Number 1!

This was our number one photo! It is a accessories shop windows display in Seoul, Samcheong-dong. And what a beautiful site it is!

What do you think about our top instagram photos? We love that there is such a variety of food, travel and culture!

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