Tips to stay warm this winter!

This is one of the COLDEST WINTERS! 

We at BnBHero have often reported how cold the weather is (and how we just overcame one of the coldest days in history!), and while there is so much to do in Korea and so much to experience, we wanted to better prepare our readers for the cold!

Here is our list of items that is NECESSARY this winter! So be sure to pack these for your trip!



There are many little ice puddles where pipes and burst, or snow that is extremely slippery because it hasn’t been shoveled! More than that, if you plan on doing ALOT of walking, be sure to dress your feet warmly!

Boots are both comfortable, warm and will help you grip the floors better! Especially because the floor contact is so cold, make sure you have boots with thickly padded soles to protect your feet!



Korean mothers will always ask you- do you have your scarf? That is because when your neck is exposed, you get colder faster!


Check out some ways to tying your scarf!


Feeling more fashionable? What about a short handkerchief? Silk is also good! winter5

Protect yourself from the cold by wearing a thick scarf! Protecting your neck is one of the key steps in staying warm, and you can find many interesting and affordable scarves on the streets!



Korean women love to be stylist and fashionable, so we have many different varieties of coats for you!

But make sure it is of thick and high quality material, and if you are wearing a thinner coat, that you have the necessary padding on underneath!


Parkas (also called Padding in Korea) is the best way to stay warm, so don’t forget to pack yours! (We have seen plenty of crazy people out in this weather with only a sweater- don’t do this!)



Especially to our BnBHero readers who will be taking a lot of photos, checking their phones or looking at maps, be sure to wear gloves!


One of the most exposed parts of our bodies are our hands!

Heat Packs


In Korea you can find them in many pharmacies, beauty stores and street stalls, so be sure to pick them up! (We highly recommend Olive Young!) There are many different kinds! Some you put inside your pockets to keep your hands warm, some you paste onto your clothes (inside your sweaters!) and some you can even put under your soles, to keep your feet warm!


This is probably one of the most important items out there, especially if you plan on being outside for long stretches of times!


Not only is the winter wind very cold and drying, but transitioning from indoors to outdoors as constantly as you have to will lead to dry and parched lips! Be sure to carry around lip balm with you to protect your sensitive lips!

Skin Oil!


There are many different types of brands, both Korean and international that have skin oils! If this weather and atmosphere is bad for your lips, can you imagine what it is doing to your skin?

Visit one of our local beauty counters and pick up some skin oil! It is a great way of capturing the moisture in your skin and creating a barrier against the harsh environment!

What is on YOUR list of must have winter items??

Be sure you have each one of these when you travel to Korea this winter!

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