Tips For Muslim Traveler During Ramadan In Korea


What if you had the opportunity to fast in a Muslim minority country like South Korea? Of course there are challenges and difficulties. At least there are some things that you will be encountered during Fasting Month in Korea. In order for Muslim tourists not surprised by the atmosphere of Ramadan in Korea, then consider first, the summary we have made.

Here are some of things that you will be meet during fasting month in Korea :

1. The Ambience of a Crowded Mosque During Fasting Month In Korea

Islam is a minority religion in Korea. And when Ramadan comes, the mosque becomes crowded by both Muslims and non-Muslims who want to know the religion of Islam. The crowded mosque is Central Seoul, Itaewon.Do not be afraid of not finding a place to break your fast. Central Seoul mosque prepares tajil for fasting. Breaking the fast together in the mosque can feel like breaking fast together with family, for those who miss the homeland. Available food is also ready from various countries. This is because most Muslims in South Korea are immigrants. Well, get ready for a full stomach!

2. Hold Your Lust! Places to Eat Stay Open During Fasting Months in Korea

If a restaurant in a predominantly Muslim country will shut down during fasting, it is different with Korea that keeps the restaurant open like a normal day. If you find such a scene, then do not be surprised, yes! You still have to refrain from eating and drinking if there are no obstacles whatsoever. Opportunity to undergo the Fasting Month in Korea requires that tourists who embrace Islam learn to refrain from places that peddle food.
Since in Korea, people who fasting can still be counted fingers, then the public eating places remain open as usual. This is because the Fasting Month in Korea is still somewhat layman for the population of this country. However, this is not a barrier for Muslim tourists to fast. Expand patience, then the reward will be doubled to come to the Muslim traveler who is fasting when in Korea.

3. Keep the Spirit Because Activities Keep Walking Although Fasting. Do not limp!

Despite entering a month of forgiveness, in Korea there is no time difference in activities. Fasting Month in Korea is full of challenges and obstacles, then you should be more patient. If you are patient, then the rewards that come will multiply. Differences in the atmosphere of fasting should not dampen the spirit of walking at the same time worshiping God Almighty.

4. Do not Forget To Breaking The Fast With The Sweet Like the Dates of from Korean Supermarket.

Although there are still many South Koreans who lay with fasting, but the supermarket there know what is needed by people who fasting. When Ramadan is near, snacks such as dates will decorate the corners of supermarket shelves. The price does vary according to the type of dates on display. Although all these dates are displayed on the supermarket shelf, check first before buying! Make sure the dates still look good, like other dates in general. So you also do not lose money right?

5. Fasting Months in Korea Coincide With Summer. Do not Forget Check Temperature Before Start Doing Activity!

Fasting Months South Korea in recent years have always coincided with the summer moments. That season is the time when the sun shines longer. If it is so, then the sunset time in Korea is longer causing the duration of Fasting about 17 hours. Summer is synonymous with the hotter and humid conditions, so before start your activity it would be better to check the temperature first in the summer. It is certainly useful for Muslim visitors can prepare more energy to start activities after dawn. When the suhoor, try to drink plenty of water to avoid being weak. In this way, may the fasting worship traveler in Korea remain good.

Despite being hawking with the entertainment of Oppa country, but when it’s time to fast, as much as possible still have to fast. Do not make this moment of visit an excuse to leave this glorious worship! It is precisely at this moment that we are being tested, with the pleasure of the opportunity of fasting abroad which Muslims belong to a minority. This can certainly train the patience of self. In fact, undergoing the Fasting Month in Korea can be an unforgettable experience!

Well, there are some things that will be encountered during the Fasting Month in Korea. The summary that we make can be a guide for Muslim tourists who vacation time coincides with the month of Ramadan. Surely it’s ready to dong fast there if got a chance? See you in the next article and happy to perform the fast!


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