How to take KTX Train

What is KTX Train?

You’ve seen this train at least once on Korean TV shows such as ‘Running Man’ or ‘Infinite Challenge’, right? Koreans take the KTX train, bullet train of Korea to save time and maximize their day.
In 2004, Korea has joined the league of super high-speed train along with France, Japan, Germany and Spain. Running at maximum speed of 300km per hour, Seoul to Busan trip only takes about 2 – 2.5 hours.

How to book a train ticket?

Online reservation

Step 1. Visit KORAIL website and choose your language.

Step 2. Click ‘Rail Tickets’

Step 3. Fill out reservation form and click ‘Inquiry’

① Choose the type of travel.
(We suggest you to click Direct for your travel.)
② Choose your Departure time.
(Year / Month / Date / Hour)
③ Search the Departure/Arrival station.
(If you want to get to Busan station from Seoul station, You must check ‘Seoul’ as departure and ‘Busan’ as arrival.)
④ Select your Train type.
⑤ Choose how many tickets for your travel.

Step 4. Choose a ‘Select’ Button

Step 5. Fill in your personal information

– Put your First Name and Last Name.
– Click your gender. (M/F)
– Fill in your Passport Number.
– Choose your Nationality.
– Fill out your E-mail Address.

Step 6. Fill in your payment information

① Check your all travel information and train departure time.
② Check your Card type. (Overseas issued/Korea issued)
③ Put your Credit Card Number and check your Expire Action Date.
※ If you click the button, payment will be done accordingly

Step 7. Print your confirmed reservation details to exchange tickets at a ticket window in any Korail Station before the departure time.

※ If you were not able to print your reservation details, go to “My Reservation” menu to try again.

Step 8. Please check your ticket information in the printed booking confirmation.

  • After reserving tickets on the internet, you should print your reservation details, show your passport and the printed confirmation paper at the ticket window in any Korail Station before the departure time, and the staff will give you the tickets that have been reserved.
  • To collect your reserved tickets at the ticket window, you should keep the ‘reservation number’.

**Cancellation Policy

  • To check and cancel your reservation, click the “My Reservation Menu” and enter information you placed. After all information is stated you can cancel the reservation.
  • Cancel requests must be made prior to the train departure time.
  • Depending on the time of the cancellation, a cancellation fee is applied.

** Refund

  • If you do not intend to travel after purchasing tickets, you can demand a refund at a ticket window in Korail. At this time depending on the time of the refund, a refund charge is applied.
  • After the train arrives at the destination, the ticket will become invalid.

How to get on the train

How can I go to Seoul train station?

When you come out of Exit 1 in Seoul metro station, you can see escalators in front of you. Go up to that escalator!
Just in case you cannot find Exit 1, please kindly note that there are famous bakery/coffee shops called ‘Paris Baguette’ and ‘Angel In Us’ on the left side of Exit 1. On the right side, there is an ice cream shop called Baskin-Robbins for your reference as well.

Take two escalators up ! Then, you can see clothing store ‘Zara’, turn left to go to main gate of Seoul train station.

How can I buy the ticket in Seoul station?

If you still do not buy the ticket, you have two options to get the ticket on the spot.

1) Ticket office

2) Ticket machine

We recommend you to use ticket office not ticket machine if you have enough time. It’s better to ask for the staff as they work faster than the available machine and they can also help with urgent booking and also with the earliest ticket. They can also know if the sold out one in the information board still has slot.

How can I find my track number in Seoul station?

You can easily see that big board that showcases train departure information. Check the train number on the departure board (it will switch between English and Korean) as it will tell you on which track to get the train.

Red circle next to terminal name means that the train is ready to depart. You can get on the train at least 15 minutes before the departure time. Red circle comes out 15 minutes before and train station announces that passengers can get on the train through broadcasting in the station.
If you cannot find out where departure/arrival hall is, ask the ‘Story way’ convenient store next to departure/arrival hall or go to information center.
Now, you know the track number of your train. When you go into the platform, you can see big board about track location. Red arrow shows where your track is.

This blue sign shows the track number so you can easily find out where the track is. KTX train is quite a long train so you can check where the car is before you go down to the platform. Normally, Car no. 8-18 can be seen on straight direction and Car no. 1-7 are located behind the platform.

How can I find car, seat number and use Wi-fi ?

Please check your train & car number and get on the train. To open the door, please turn door handle to the left.

Let’s find where your seat is and make your seat more comfortable.

We want to enjoy free time in KTX with fast Wi-fi. Let’s have Wi-fi connection.
1. Go to ‘Setting’ menu of your mobile device and connect to ‘KTX-Wifi’
2. Open web browser and push the red circle.
3. You can see web ad page address. Your Wi-fi connection is successful!
※ Each passenger has KTX usage limits. It is automatically disconnected after maximum use.Retry this process and you can enjoy Wi-fi again!

How can I go to toilet ?

You can know whether someone is currently using the toilet through the signal above the door. That red light means someone is using so please check it before you go to toilet as to not waste your time in the waiting line 🙂
If your mobile device needs to be recharged, go to toilet in KTX and you can find electrical outlet for 110V, 220V. We just hope that there is no one who uses toilet while you recharge your mobile device 🙂

There is also enough space for your luggage next to toilet.
KTX offers food cart including snack, packed lunch, coffee and many more. The staff pushes this cart from/to the 1st car to the last car in KTX. This cart just keep going around in KTX but some passengers does not want to wait because KTX is quite long and they are starving. In this case, you can go to vending machine next to toilet. You can buy beverage and small snack like chocolate bar by cash!

How To Make Your Reservations

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