three-tiered Brunch in Yeonnam-dong- NO RUSH

Does anyone love Brunch? This time I would like to introduce the three-tiered Brunch that can be eaten with a few friends! NO RUSH is located in the Yeonnam-dong area is actually a wine bar, but it is especially famous because it has three-tiered Brunch.

The appearance is a small white tiles building, decorated with many flowers and plants. From the appearance, the owner is elaborate to the decorate the restaurant. The menu is placed outside so people can check it first then decide whether you want to go in!

because here will turn into a bar at night, so there is also a special menu of wine. There are many kinds of red and white wines. People who love wine will like here! The restaurant has two floors but not so big. enter the first floor, there is a small bar counter. If you enjoy drinking alone it will be a nice seat.

inside also uses a lot of plants to decorate. it can be seen that the owner likes the totem very much, and the pillows and the tiles on the floor both chosen beautiful patterns.

during the daytime, the basement did not imagine darkness, because near the stairs used the glass makes the lighting very good.

The decorate of the basement can be seen the owner does not just like the plants and totems, the owner also likes to use the retro-styled decoration. The tables and chairs are not used in sets, it uses many different old chairs.

Of course, the most distinctive thing here is three-tiered Brunch like a luxurious afternoon tea, but it must be noted that the three-layered dishes are not optional, from top to bottom is salad, Brunch and lasagna, And because we have more people so we have added a lasagna.

The plate is also according to the owner’s preferences, the pattern is beautiful and colorful, super nice to take pictures, the first layer is salad, not special, the second layer is Brunch, someone doesn’t like but I personally love it, the egg is very tender, and I’m very satisfied overall.

The most important thing is their lasagna, it really must be ordered, the taste is very very good, the sauce and the lasagna are very delicious, especially the rose meat sauce lasagna that we extra ordered, the bread around the pan let us eat it with sauce, the sauce was really delicious, we almost drunk it.

The only pity is that there are very few types of non-alcoholic drinks here. We didn’t want to drink at the time. The other we’re not interesting, so we only used a set meal to order a peach soda, which is really just a canned peach with soda, but if you want to have wine, there are also have three-tiered of drunk food, and it feels worth checking out! And if people didn’t finish the wine, it will also provide a paper bag for the guests to take out~ recommend to everyone!

🍽 : Open the wine bar only on weekdays 18:00-01:00 / 12:00-02:00 on weekends
🏠 : 15, Wausan-ro 15-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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