Things to Do in Lotte World Aquarium (+Discount Ticket)🐬

A Deep and Wide World of the Ocean
Spread out in front of you! 🐠🐟

With 13 themes, the Lotte World Aquarium has all kinds of marine life from the Ocean. It provides the best living environment for marine life and the best viewing experience for visitors close to marine life. The Lotte World Aquarium is a sea of cities where people can enjoy communion with marine life. A trip to the Lotte World Aquarium will inspire awe in people of all ages, regardless of their interests. Spend time exploring it, home to over 650 different species of marine life from all over the world!
Five of most popular animals you can see in Lotte World Aquarium 
1. Beluga 🐬

White as snow, white Beluga! Beluga means “white” in Russian. It is dark gray at birth, but grows white as it grows. Belugas live in icy cold water around the Arctic Ocean. Also unlike other whales, Beluga has no dorsal fins, so it can swim under ice without striking, and its free-moving neck makes it easy to hunt crustaceans hidden in the sand.

2.California Sea Lion 

The California sea lion (Zalophus California) is a coastal fish seal that lives in western North America. It is one of six species of sea lions. Its natural habitat ranges from southeastern Alaska to central Mexico, including the Gulf of California.Sea lions feed on many species of fish and squid and are eaten by killer whales and white sharks.

3. Humboldt penguin 🐧

The Humboldt penguin feeds on fish on a small warm island near the Peru current. The baby Humboldt penguin has a thick black line on his chest when he grows up, while the baby Humboldt penguin has a black color and no line on his chest. They make simple nests in cracks in rocks or caves and lay two eggs. Their feathers act like diving suits that prevent water from penetrating.
4. Green Turtle 🐢

The green sea turtle is a large sea turtle with Chelonia. It is the only species in genus Chelonia.  Its range spans tropical and subtropical seas around the world, and although there are two distinct populations in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, it is also found in the Indian Ocean. The common name refers to the green fat found mainly under the carapace, not to the color of the carapace, which is black olive.

5. Sardine 🐠

Sardines have a large body covered with round scales. Their back color is blue, but the other part is silver. They usually eat plankton and move in groups. They gather to avoid threats.
Keep Children Busy With Educational Programming!
The aquarium focuses heavily on education and programming for the youngest visitors. In fact, the number of programs is more than double that of other aquariums in Korea. The programs are designed as input by veterinarians, educators and artists to ensure accuracy and accessibility for children. There are animated films about Beluga whales, interactive displays about Arctic animals, and an underwater pet zoo. The children are sure to enjoy themselves and the surest thing is to leave learning some new facts.

Buy souvenirs for the memories in Lotte Aquarium World! 
Be sure to look around the aquarium’s Aqua Shop for a few minutes after your visit. Here are fish balloons, otters stuffed animals, and penguin sculptures that help you remember what you visited. The most popular products are featuring the mascot of the aquarium: the energetic Beluga whale lulu, the knowledgeable penguin Pingping, the talented sea lion Leo and the shy stingray.

Best Photo Spot ! You’re the next ! 📸
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Ocean Tunnel
Take some pictures with smiling fishes!

The Ocean
A world of ocean stands inside Korea’s longest water tank (25m) and underwater tunnel (85m).
See how people and the ocean can become one. Also experience diving towards the scenes of the ocean!

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300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  Lotte World Mall B1

Open hours:
Mon-Sun: 10:30am-20:00pm
How to go:
Take Subway Line 2 (Green) or Line 8 (Pink) to Jamsil Station