What To Do in Vivaldi Park in Korea (Besides Skiing)

vivaldi park in korea

Wonder why so many people visit Vivaldi Park in Korea every winter?

(Unknown beauty of Vivaldi Park Snowy land and tons of entertainment facility inside)
Daemyung Resort Vivaldi Park (a.k.a Vivaldi Park in Korea) is probably the most popular ski resort in Korea constantly loved by locals  & foreigners especially among family-unit visitors. 👪
The resort is a super leisure complex and boasts a state of art facilities with a huge hotel, condo & mall development, a massive water park (Ocean World), and the ski slopes directly connected to the condos making staying a night at the Vivaldi park ski resort even more tempting.😋
If you’ve already booked your Winter trip to Vivaldi Park in Korea, read the following guide and make sure you enjoy to the fullest! If you haven’t visited or made a decision yet, consider it for your winter trip! We highly recommend you to book 1N2D 2N3D Vivaldi Park Room and Ski/Snowboard Tour Package because one day is simply too short to fully enjoy Vivaldi Park!

5 Things To Do At Vivaldi Park Besides Skiing, Snowboarding!

1. Ocean World
How convenient is it to have the world’s 4th biggest water park located right next to the ski resort you are visiting? Outdoor Water park is closed in winter(except for open bath area) but don’t worry, Indoor water park will be open and is also massive with pools, slides, spa, baths, and jjimjilbang (Korean Dry Sauna). You won’t miss out on anything. ♨

Spa day after ski day in snow? Yes, please! 😍😍
Ocean world vivaldi parkOcean world vivaldi parkOcean world vivaldi parkOcean world vivaldi parkBook Ocean World Discount Ticket Price from ₩31,000/pax

2. Snowy Land Candle Street 

You probably already know Snowy land where you can enjoy snow activities like Snow sledding, Snow bobsleigh, Ice hockey, and all that fun stuff. (Especially for kids)! But did you know after 6:30pm, Snowyland turns into a beautiful walkaway with thousands of real candles lightening the snowy street? 🕯⛄ Not many foreign visitors know as it has started relatively recently.
Enter the ❄Snowflake tunnel❄ to enter Snowyland’s Candle Street
vivaldi park snowy land reviewvivaldi park snowy landvivaldi park snowy land reviewvivaldi park snowy landvivaldi park snowy landDuring day time (09:00-17:00), Vivaldi Park Snowy land will be a snow playground, from 18:30 to 22:30, it will turn into a candle street. You need to purchase a different ticket for day time/night time.
Book Vivaldi Park Snowy Land Price from ₩12,500/pax
3. Family Sports 
Bowling, Billiards, and even Table Tennis! You don’t need to know how to ski or snowboard to have fun at Vivaldi Park.
vivaldi park bowlingvivaldi park entertainment

4. Trendy activities
– Indoor K1 Kart Racing(Maple Wing B1)
– VR Adventure (Noble building 1F, located next to Maple Wing)
– Acrade Room (B1 Entertainment Mall)
vivaldi park gokart5. Rides for kids
With dazzling Carousel welcoming you as you enter the building, you will realize you have planned your winter trip at the perfect place! Rides and entertainment facilities for kids at every corner!

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