The “Visual Shocking” Mask Pack Trend in Korea

There’s a lot of new facial mask products  recently. Beauty companies are trying to make new mask pack products with unique texture!! Let’s see what are hot products in Korea now! 

Attention: These pictures may make you feel uncomfortable. Lol

Goldenchip Mask Pack

Source: Instagram

“OMG! What’s wrong with her face? Is that pimples or what???”

Source: eBay

Calm down girl~ 

It’s an anti-aging whitening mask pack sheet that fill with golden chips. Those chips can massage facial acupuncture point for beauty skin!

Source: Instagram 

It is the hottest mask pack in Korea now! The Blacklabel Goldenchip Mask is highly recommended by all the bloggers, YouTubers and Facebook stars in Korea!!


But still, it really looks like pimples…isn’t it? So don’t use it when your boyfriend/ girlfriend next to you Lol
Foil Mask Pack 

Source: Instagram

The another popular facial mask is foil mask pack. We can usually find them in gold or silver color. And there are many beauty company are trying to copy this type of facial mask. So we can see how hot it is!

Source: Instagram

If you do watch Korean TV shows, it’s not hard to find that there are a lot of Korean artists / actresses are using foil mask recently!! I think it’s also the main reason why people are trying to use foil facial mask too~

But your parents must be so curious that why you are wrapping you face by foil paper.

How about Gold Foil Facial Mask?

Source: Instagram

It looks luxury? But for Chinese people…


OK…. Visual Shock.
Knit Mask Pack

Source: Instagram

It’s the newest facial mask made by NEOGEN. In Korea, it is really dry during autumn and winter. So moisturizer cosmetics are important for Korean. 

This facial mask is made by knit. It saids it just like wearing your face a knit sweater. It makes your face moister and the knit sweater can protect your skin from cold air at the same time. ( It’s what they described it as. 🙄)

Anyways, Korean beauty trend changes super fast and somehow their products really works! So let’s try these products if you have a chance to buy it❤️


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