The Ultimate Guide to Vivaldi Park Ski Resort (2) Food, Restaurants

Are you looking for what to eat in Vivaldi Park ski resort?
Welcome! Indiway brought a list of food and restaurants for your convenience !
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Vivaldi Park Main Center 1F


World Snack

You can see the Vivaldi Park main center is near the bus stop when you arrived. The center is up to the second floor.

On the First floor, there is a “World Snack” which offers some Korean food like Bulgogi rice, fish cake soup, Korean steak and so on. It is easy to get there when you feel hungry after skiing.

Main menu:
Bulgogi rice : 13,000 won
Fire meat, marinated slices of meat grilled on a barbecue. It tastes sweet.
Jeyuk rice (spicy pork bulgogi): 12,000 won
The pork is typically marinated in a spicy Gochujang based sauce with lots of fresh garlic and ginger.

Vivaldi Park Main Center 2F

Food Court 

Take the escalator to the second floor, there will be a food court on your left side. It has a large space for people to enjoy meals.
Note: The place is not allowed to bring your own food.

Starbucks & Burger King 

Dongmoon Express (Halal Food)

Dongmoon Express is a Halal-based Korean restaurant for those who are Muslim.
Click here for more details ! 


On the right side from the escalator, there is a cafeteria where you can eat some European and Korean Cuisine.
The Coffee & Smoothie is right next to the entrance of cafeteria.

The Local Market  시골장터 

The local market is right on the left side of the Main center. The market is decorated with the background of Korean countryside.

Korean Barbecue

How to use the market? 
1. Purchase meal ticket in ticket office
2. Present your meal ticket and take your choice in exchange.
3. It is self-service restaurant. Return tray to the counter after meal.

Vivaldi Flex Mall (basement)

Besides the food courts, there are more cuisine in the flex mall in the basement floor. The entrance is in front of the Main Center.
Click the video for specific way to the mall. 


Pane Cucina (bread)

It is a bakery-cafe, You can taste the baked bread right away from time to time. All bread is made of natural yeast, so it is rich in vitamins and proteins that are good for immune function and digestible.


Abiko (curry) 

A small cozy joint that serves Japanese curry really well. With a highly customized menu, choose base plus toppings as well as the spicy taste you want.
Curry itself tastes very delicious and reasonable price.
Main menu:
Curry rice 6,500 won ~
Cream curry pasta 6,500 won ~

Rain and Stars Dak-galbi

It is a spicy stir-fried chicken made by adding seasoned chicken to Gochujang and vegetables.
Main menu:
Dak-galbi with Cheese (2 pex) : 17,000 won

Chinese Table 

It is a Korean Chinese cuisine, consists of unique dishes with Korean flavors and ingredients. Jjamppong is a spicy noodle soup flavored with vegetables, meat or seafood. Jajangmyeon is a noodle with a thick sauce made of sweet bean sauce, pork and vegetables.

Sala Thai 

Main menu:
Pad Thai shrimp 9,500 won


Michaewon Korean Restaurant

Location: Maple Wing B1
Open hours:

Sunday ~ Thursday: 07:00 ~ 21:00
Friday ~ Saturday: 07:00 ~ 22:00



The Roydin

Location: Sono Felice Tower Center 5F
Open Hours:
Lunch 12:00pm – 15:00pm (Break time 15:00pm-17:00pm)
Dinner 17:00 pm – 21:00 pm (Last order 20:30pm, Sat. 21:00pm)
Contact 033)439-4357

The Ambrosia 

Location: Sono Felice Club House 3F
Open Hours: 11:30 am- 20:00 pm
Contact: 033)439-4354



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