The Story behind the Mole- 9 Secrets Exposed by your Face!

Recently we read this very interesting article  that spoke about what the placement of a mole on your face could mean for your personality! We thought we could share this information with our readers (in a non-stalkerish way of course!) and also use some photos of our favorite celebrities to do so. 🙂

Mole on your nose


(Jun Ji-hyeon, from My Lover who came from the Stars)

Having a mole on your nose is actually supposed to be a sign of good fortune and luck! Which is why most people with moles on their noses have a lot of people around them. However, due to their luck they have to take care not to be too selfish, because they can get hurt by their own greed!

Additionally in terms of love, people with moles on their noses are too good at spending money! So it is better if they meet a partner who can help control their habits.


Mole on near your eye


(Ahn So-Hee from Wondergirls)

People with moles under their eyes are considered to be very emphatic and kind, so they find it hard to say no! They are also very good listeners, which also makes them a bit emotional because they will feel too much for the person who is expressing their troubles!

In terms of love, they have an oddly attractive air that brings in people towards them, making them very popular!


Mole near your lip


(SNSD Mister Mister Capture)

People with moles near their lips are bad liars, and very strongly responsible, so you can literally take them at their word! They also have  a lot of good fortune when it comes to food, so you will hardly find someone with a mole near their lip who has had to starve.

In terms of love, if they have a mole on top of their lip they take initiative, while if it is below their lip they are the opposite!


Mole on your cheek


(Singer Ho-ran)

A person with a mole on their cheek is very reliable and strong, which means you can rely on them! They are very passionate about their beliefs however, and can create some trouble if they believe in work or home something is not being done ethically.

In terms of love, they are very possessive of their loved ones!


Mole on your forehead


(Angelina Jolie! Do you know any Korean celebrities with moles on their foreheads? Let us know!)

People with moles on their foreheads have very strong ambition, and are more suitable for freelancer and independent consultant positions.

In terms of love, due to their confidence, they are usually the one taking the lead.


Mole on your chin


(Takuya from Non-Summit)

People with moles on their chins can get very tired of one thing very quickly, so they have problems following through with long term goals. However, once they do fall for a task, they will give 110%- while it lasts!

In terms of love, they find it difficult to be in a long term relationship.


Mole on your neck


(Singer Kim Yeon-Oo)

People with moles on their necks have a lot of confidence, and are very stubborn, and refuse to lose! However due to this they can be under a lot of stress.

In terms of love, they are very strong in their ideals and preferences, making it a challenge for them to be flexible to their loved ones!

Many Moles!

(We could not find a photo of a celebrity with many moles, could you?)

People with many moles on their face are very goal oriented, and focused on pursuing one plan of action/view point. They are very good leaders.

In terms of love, they give everything to one person, so it can be a little bit difficult for the counterpart to handle in the beginning of the relationship!


No Moles!


(Shin Min-Ah!)

Someone with no moles on their face can be very playful and childish! They find themselves often too controlled by situations and other people, so like to be protected by someone with stronger intuition and personality.

In terms of love, they prefer a partner with a strong mentality, who would be able to lead them in challenging situations.


So what do you think? Do these profiles sound like people you know, who actually have mole sin that location?

Let us know!

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