The spring water of beauty, The Saem


Appeared in 2010, the saem is quite a new cosmetic brand compared to others, but now, with its good reputation, it’s getting famous and can be seen everywhere now.


The Saem means the spring water (Saem) of beauty, emphasizing on eco-friendly ways of producing their skincare products, using only natural ingredients, insisted on their mission “nature’s self”,  to communicate with natural and bring the concept of healthful pretty up.


They picked many actors and idols such as GD and Shinee to get The Saem more popular, and it’s succeeded, now The Saem is not only a Korean known brand but worldwide!

Popular items introduction:

Urban Eco Harakeke Ampoules


Contains 92% of harakeke extract from New Zealand, the ampoules can quickly replenish the moisture of skin and improve skin’s health.

Urban Eco Harakeke Fresh Cream

product_attachment (1).jpg

Ecocert Calendula flower water and bountiful nutrition of Manuka honey keep skin moisture to a lively and healthy state.

Dr. Beauty Laser Peel Soft Gel

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Scots Pine Tree and Will bark Tree extracts, also the Alps Rose stem cell help to function moisturizing and cell regeneration, which keep the skin in a great condition.

product_attachment (3).jpg

Made by 100% SPAU hot spring water, rich minerals for long lasting hydration!

To explore more, visit their website:

They do the discount promotion quite often, seize the chance, come Korea and bring all best skin care items back home!


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