The oldest bakery in Seoul – Taegeukdang

Today I would like to introduce the oldest bakery “Taegeukdang” in Seoul. Taegeukdang has been in business since 1946 and has a very long history. From Exit 2 of Dongguk University Station. When you come out, you can see the conspicuous buildings of Taegeukdang.

The founder of Taegeukdang used to work in a bakery run by the Japanese. After the Japanese boss left, he got the equipment from the boss and opened the Taegeukdang in Myeongdong. Then until 1973 moved to the present place. In the past, Koreans often used a lot of Chinese characters, so Taegeukdang also wrote in large Chinese characters!

Get into the bakery, you will find that the bakery retains a very retro decoration, and the customer base ranges from children and teenagers to adults and the elderly, available in all ages. If you are a person who likes bread, you will be very excited when you enter the bakery, because they have a wide variety of bread, from the age-old retro bread to the Western bread and pastries, it is hard to make the choice!

If really have to recommend, almost everyone comes here would order a “Monaka”, Monaka is a Japanese dessert, the basic type sold here is the ice cream version and also the rice cake version, and they are still using previous ice cream, so there are also sold the cup ice cream.

The birthday cake sold in the window is also a very old style. It looks like the cake that used to be sold in a bakery near the home. It may be a bit rustic, but it is difficult to find such a cake now, so it is especially precious~

Inside the bakery has an area where coffee is sold, and it is decorated in a very modern and European style. In addition to selling the espresso that nowadays people often drink, the old style signature coffee is also sold here.

We picked a total of three kinds of bread and thought that the traditional Japanese red bean bread is better than the western-style Croissants. It should be said to be very delicious! The red bean stuffing is sweet but not greasy, with soft bread, let me want to buy more! and Japanese-style curry bread, although cold, has a crunchy taste on the outer skin. It is also delicious with the curry inside!

I would like to try other bread. After eating I feel the traditional taste or the Japanese taste, Taegeukdang is made more delicious, recommend it to everyone!

🍽 : 08:00 – 22:30
🏠 : 7, Dongho-ro 24-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

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