The most fashion street in Seoul!

Cheongdamdong Fashion Street is a very high scale shopping district. It’s the most popular street in Gangnam area. Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Giorgio Armani and many others have their branch stores in this street. There is also the Galleria Department Store that is directly connected with the Apgujeongrodeo Station. It will be very easy to get there if you use subway, not only for shopping in this area but also observe fashion trends in Korea. This street is dubbed the luxury mecca of Seoul. And for K-Pop fans, it might interest you to know that SM Entertainment building is also on the same street, and you might stumble into your favourite artists here.DSC04626_copy

Cheongdam currently boasts the world’s major luxury brands lined up neatly for your shopping pleasure. Present are renowned brands not only from Frenc or Italy, but also  Korean designers such as Martin Margiela and Son Jung Wan.image_readbot_2011_453562_1310497225451591

The boutiques installed here are all about providing clients with lifestyle experiences that would have you come back and spend lots more of your money – Seoul’s luxury experience is all about excellent service and hospitality.

Cheongdam is also known for its cluster of beauty and hair salons with floors and floors of beauty experts offering complete “Seoulite” makeovers, nails, face or body massages, hairdos.This is where Korean celebrities come to get their makeup done or even plastic surgeries, which is why Cheongdam is also called “Celebrity Street”08225822


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