The Most Beautiful Sunset Attractions in Busan

💜Dong-baek Island Nurimaru Observatory

Haewoondae is a popular place for sunrise rather than sunset. Every New Year’s Day, many people visit from all over the country to see the sunrise at Haeundae Beach. However, Haeundae Beach has beautiful sunsets as well as beautiful sunsets, so you can see it at Nurimaru Observatory on Dong-baek Island.



You can find the way to Nurimaru Observatory by walking along the trail connected to Dongbaek Island from the entrance. At the observatory, you can see the Gwang-an Bridge far away with Nurimaru, which is a representative view point in Busan. Especially in winter, when you look at the Nurimaru Observatory, the point of sunset is close to Gwang-an Bridge, so you can see the beautiful sunset going to the back of Gwang-an Bridge in clear weather without clouds. 



If you move your eyes past the left end of the Gwang-an Bridge, you can see the Oryukdo Island in the sky that is red. After sunset, the lights of Nurimaru and Gwang-an Bridge are bright and you can enjoy the night view of Busan which is gorgeous as well as sunset.  As Haeundae is a famous tourist destination, access to public transportation is also good, so it is a sunset tourist spot where you can enjoy a lot of tourists.

Location: 710-1, U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan


🧡Jang Limpogu Bunezia 

One of the new Insta-photo spots has recently emerged in Busan is Jangrimpogu, which is called Bunezia. Bunezia is named because the buildings in the port are similar to the scenery in Venice, Italy. Originally, the sea waterway near Dadaepo was connected like a long waterway to the inside of the village, so it is usually a small fishing boat or a small port where ships are in and out of the area.


A few years ago, there were a lot of large factories nearby, and there were warehouses and small factories around the port to repair or repair ships. The place was little dark and dreary. However, the spot began to spread on social media as they painted and remodeled the outer walls of warehouses and factories in bright colors. Recently, a new building called the “Bunezia Sunset Observatory” was built near Jangrimgyo Bridge to enjoy the beautiful sunset view of Jangrim Port. At the observatory, you can enjoy the sunset on the sea side of Dadaepo. When the sun goes down, the stores of Bunezia start to light up and you can also see beautiful night views. 



Recently, it has been known as a famous place for foreign tourists. People usually come in the middle of the day and go right back, but if the weather is good and time permits, wait until late in the afternoon. As it is close to Dadaepo, which is surrounded by the sea, the sunset is amazing and beautiful. The direction of sunset is the point of view from the inside of the port to the sea near the Jang-rim Bridge. The sunset, which blends with the exotic scenery of Bunezia, just like a picture.

Location: 72, Jangnim-ro 93beon-gil, Saha-gu, Busan


💚Dadaepo Mt. Amisan Observatory

Dadaepo Beach is known as the most famous sunset spot in Busan. Due to the seasonal changes in the sunset, the scene shows new scenery every season and the evening sunset which is beautiful. Not only tourists but also many photographers love this place. Recently, a new Mt. Amisan Observatory has been built on the hill behind Noul-jeong, which is located at the end of the beach. You can see the sunset from here. Mt. Amisan Observatory is also connected to the Galmat-gil course in Busan, and you can enjoy the fall of Dadaepo while walking along the Galmat-gil course, which is a great place for people who are on a walk to visit at sunset. The observatory’s ground floor is designed to see the sunset directly through the railing, while the second and third floors are equipped with cafes and rest areas to enjoy the sunset indoors!



Dadaepo Mt. Amisan Observatory sunset is not a sunset that falls directly onto the surface of the sea like the West Sea, but it is a sunset destination that has as much charm as the West Sea on a sunny day and the sunset glow of the changing sky is so beautiful. Especially, on a windy cold winter day, you can enjoy the sunset comfortably even indoors, so I recommend it as a place for family sunset trips.


Location: 77, Dadaenakjo 2-gil, Saha-gu, Busan


💙Mt.Hwangnyeongsan Beacon Fire Station

Mt.Hwangnyeongsan  is famous as a night view attraction in Busan. The night view is beautiful, there are a lot of people who go up after the evening. Climb up at a late afternoon before the sunset. Before you meet the night view, you can see the glorious sunset in downtown Busan, where the sunset glows red in the evening. Near the top of Mt.Hwangnyeongsan, you will find an  observatory along the viewpoint where you can enjoy the view of downtown. 



Sunset in Mt.Hwangnyeongsan  can be seen from the observatory in the opposite direction of the city center.  If you look down from the observatory, you will be able to see the city of Busan, where you can enjoy the dynamic sunset of the sky, and when darkness falls, a splendid night view unfolds before your eyes. It’s opened everywhere, so it’ll be very cold in the winter. If you are going in the winter, please go up in warm clothes.


Location: 산50-1, Jeonpo-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan


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