The green city, Wonju


We introduced Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival few weeks ago (can see at: ), and this time we’re gonna introduce this amazing city, Wonju!


Wonju is an hour and thirty mins away from Seoul, it’s famous for its natural environment and the importance of historical status. It was the administrative district during Joseon Dynasty and became the center of administration, security and culture.


They got many attractions for tourists to visit, such as Chiaksan National Park and Guryongsa Valley.


There are a lot of temples on Chiaksan mountain, you can also see the magnificent water fall and deep valleys with thick forest and very clean stream.


Wonju Rail Park


Ride on the rail bike, enjoy the view in a easy, convenient way!

Besides the natural sightseeing, you can also appreciate the culture and festivals here in Wonju.

The Hanji Festival


Hanji means Korean traditional paper, it’s not easy to make hanji, and Wonju Hanji Festival is to show the people how charming hanji this traditional paper is, and try to make them by ourselves. They will also invite many hanji artists to display their amazing works like special hanji lanterns.

Come to Wonju in person to explore more interesting things in Wonju!

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