The food capital – Jeonju 전주

The food capital – Jeonju

The southwestern city of Jeonju is regarded by many Koreans as the food capital of Korea. This area is rich in agricultural products and livestock.


It is also the home of Jeonju-style bibimbap whose color and mixture of ingredients over freshly steamed rice showcases the skill and love the chefs put into their food.


Today we would like to introduce 8 kinds of street foods you must not miss when visit JeonJu.


1. Shrimp Dumplings- 2000 KRW per piece.
From the entrance to the Hanok Village, a long line of people will lead you to Daurang, which is famous for its handmade mandu (dumplings). Among the many delicious mandu sold here, the most popular is cheolpan saeu mandu (grilled shrimp dumplings), packed with plump shrimp.

2. Chocopie and cookies from PNB–16,000 KRW per box. (10 pcs)
Jeonju’s famous bakery PNB Poong Nyeon Bakery (which is also one of Korea’s top 5 bakeries) offers home-made choco pie.

3. Sweet Potato Cheese Roll
Mozarella cheese and sweet potato paste in a crispy roll! They also have Fried Ice Cream.


4.Strawberry Red Bean Mochi –  KRW 2,000 KRW per piece
Whole, fresh strawberry and slightly sweetened red bean paste wrapped in a thin layer of soft mochi.


5. Beat Bingsu  KRW 12,000 KRW per piece
This is certainly one very visually captivating dessert including cotton candy, macaroon, ice cream, fruit bingsu . Try eating a macaroon wrapped in cotton candy!

11348202_474076049458781_452615103_n6.Meatball Skewer –KRW 3 ,500 KRW per piece
It is well marinated, huge and juicy.  The sour cream made it even better!


7.Grilled Cheese Skewer –KRW 3 ,000 KRW per piece
The cheese is made of skim milk. This will be grilled and wait until it turns golden-brown so it will taste slight crispiness, then served it with yogurt dip. It’s very delicious!

8.Baguette Sandwiches from Gilgeoriya–KRW 4 ,000 KRW per piece
It is a hollow-out baguette bread filled with some tomato puree, cheese, some frozen peas and carrot.


How to get to Jeonju from Seoul

KTX– A smooth 90 minute ride for about 35,000 KRW. This departs from Yongsan Station.

Bus– It is a three hour bus ride for 12,000~14,000 KRW. There are two bus terminals so be careful when you try to meet up with your friends. 전주시외버스터미널 and 전주고속버스터미널.

Free Shuttle– You need a foreign passport and you’ll have to reserve on the website in advance.

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