The city filled with the beauty of Korean tradition- Jeonju (전주)


Located in southwestern Korea, Jeonju is an ancient city since thousand years ago, the Silla Kingdom time, and till now people still keep the traditions and the historic houses which were constructed as before.

How to get to Jeonju→

From airport :

Take airport limousine bus from Incheon or Gimpo International Airport to Jeonju , it will take around 3.5 hrs.

Airport limousine bus website:

From Seoul:

Gangnam Bus Terminal to Jeonju (around 2.5 hrs)

Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Jeonju (around 2.5 hrs)


Yongsan Station (KTX, Saemaul, Mugunghwa) to Jeonju Station

Korean rail website:

Must visit in Jeonju:

Jeonju Hanok Village [전주한옥마을] 


Jeonju Hanok Village is located in the city of Jeonju. Around seven hundred traditional Korean houses called “Hanok” are concentrated here. Jeonju Hanok Village is famous the traditional houses which being preserved really well as the past, and people in Jeonju still living in.

Get to Jeonju Hanok Village from Jeonju Express Bus Terminal:  Take Bus No. 5-1 or 79, get off at Jeondong Cathedral (Hanok Village) Bus Stop.

Get to Jeonju Hanok Village from Jeonju Station: take Bus No. 12, 60, 79, 109, 119, 142, 508, 513, 536 or 542, and get off at Jeondong Cathedral (Hanok Village) Bus Stop.

Jeonju Hanok Village opening hours: 9:00~18:00 (open year-round)

Official site of Jeonju:

Jaman Mural Village[자만벽화마을] 


Next to Jeonju Hanok Village and connect to the Omokdae and Imokdae historic sites. In the 1960s, small houses were built along with the alleys which Jaman Mural Village located at now. After many of murals  painted on the walls, this alley slowly became a famous attraction to the tourists.

Jeondong Catholic Church[전동성당] 


Jeondong Catholic Church is a mixture of Byzantineand and Romanesque style building, and was designed by Priest Poinel, who is also the designer of Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul.

Official site of Jeondong Catholic Church(Korean version only):

Entrance fee: Free

Get to Jeondong Catholic Church by taking  bus: No. 5-1, 5-2 and 79





Gyeonggijeon was built around 600 years ago, and now being designated as the private historical landmark of Korea.

Gyeonggijeon opening hours: 09:00~18:00 (open year-round)

June- August 9:00~20:00

November- February 9:00-18:00

Official site of Gyeonggijeon (Korean version only)

Entrance Fee: 3,000KRW

Teenagers (below 13yrs old) 2,000KRW

Above are the must visit in Jeonju we recommended, to explore more, visit this mysterious beautiful city, Jeonju.



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