T Money Card – Transportation top-up card


How to save money in moving around Seoul?

If you will take subway, bus or taxi several times a day during your trip, you may look for a convenient top-up card to save your money and time.

Korea has very well developed public transportation system and you can select a transportation card among few options.

T-money is the most popular rechargeable transportation top-up card and easy to buy from convenient stores and vending machines at subway stations. It is made in various formats (credit card size, mini card size, mobile phone strap size, etc) for personalization.

In addition to its benefits such as fare discount and saving time, T-money card itself could be a good souvenir of traveling Seoul after your trip. ^ ^

For more information about T-money card and other available transportation cards, please check following links out.




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  1. Hi there, here is more tips for transportation in Korea. As you know, i f you have a T-money card, you can take all transportation in Korea like bus, metro. After tapping some value at all train station, you can take all transportation lines. In ICN, you can purchase some good and reasonable transportation packages from travel center. There are ‘express train and T-money card’ , ‘express train and international taxi’ and ‘express train and EG sim card(phone card)’. With express train, you can go to the Seoul station(Central of Seoul) directly, and you can choose other three options what you need. If you want to get more information about these all, please visit to ‘travel center'(located in B1) in ICN. Thank you.


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