Korea #1 Winter Food- Roasted Sweet Potatoes!

One of the most common sights you will see in the streets is warm bundles of piping hot sweet potatoes! Crunchy on the outside, meaty and soft on the inside, these are amazing winter snacks that will help keep your hands and belly warm, and give you the burst of energy you need to enjoy your day fully!

Health Benefits!


Did you know Sweet Potatoes have a lot of health benefits? This is a great way to justify buying them!

1.  They are high in vitamin B6! this is an essential vitamin that helps reduce a nasty chemical in our bodies which is linked to heart attacks!

2. They are an amazing source of Vitamin C! Especially in the winter, this vitamin is important to keeping you strong against cold and flu viruses!


3.  They contain Vitamin D! Which is especially critical in the winter because the sun is not out for as long! 

4.  Sweet potatoes also contain iron and magnesium! Great for energy boosts, immunity as well as anti-stress. (Which is so important, especially in Korea!)


Diet(??) Food?!


There is a lot of interest in Korea about treating Sweet Potatoes as a diet food! Although one serving of sweet potato is high in calories, the debate stems from whether you eat it as a replacement for other higher calorie food (if a portion of sweet potato is 141~200Kcal, the same amount of fried chicken is 200~220 Kcal!),




Make Real Roasted Sweet Potatoes at Home!


Although these machines are very familiar looking in Korea, sometimes you might want to make your own roasted sweet potatoes are home- or even back in your home country!

So what about buying this really convenient and cheap item from DAISO?


Available from only 5,000 won!!! (Approximately 5 dollars!)

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This amazing home sweet potato cooker can be used to give you 99% the same taste, texture and product!


So what do you think?? Are you a fan of sweet potatoes? What about buying some to eat now, and investing in this affordable and amazing item to cook some at home??

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