Super Junior Kyuhyun “Mom” Cafe

K-Pop idols are always able to attract attention. Not only have the talent, but they can also see business opportunities. This time Bnb Hero will review a cafe named Mom Cafe owned by Super Junior youngest member, Cho Kyuhyun.


Mom House means Music of Mountain House. This place is made by Kyuhyun and his family for anyone who wants to relax in Seoul city and exhilarating in the center of Myeongdong.


This cafe is a suitable place to hang out as well as meet up with another Super Junior Fans because many ‘Kyuhyun’ in there. Merchandise, sculpture and interior of the cafe are filled with this gold-voiced singer.


This place also provided photo area and guesthouse too.

If you can’t speak Korean, do not worry, because the employees at Mom House are fluent in English. There are even able to speak Japanese and Chinese to facilitate and make visitors feel at home. Especially for the ELF (Super Junior Fan) because the impression of the owner, Kyuhyun. Minimalist decoration and homey vibe also gives a familiar feel, like Kyuhyun and Super Junior are all around us.


So, for those of you who are going vacation to Seoul, do not forget to include Mom House into the visit list. Because who knows you are lucky to be ‘served’ by Kyuhyun directly at his cafe! ^^


Address : 11, Twigyero 22gil (Namsan-doong 3ga 13-21), Myeong-dong / Namsan, Seoul, South Korea (서울특별시 중구 남산동3가 13-21)



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