[Sundae, Korean sausage 순대]

Sundae, Korean sausage 순대




The majority of Korea’s sundae (순대) can be categorized as blood sausage. The most common type of soondae is made of potato noodle (dangmyeon), barley, and pig’s blood but some variants contain sesame leaves, green onion, fermented soy paste (doenjang), sweet rice, kimchi, bean sprouts, in addition to the common ingredients.


Sundae can be made with seafood such as ojing-eo sundae (오징어 순대 squid sundae)




The most common type of sundae is made of pig’s intestines stuffed with cellophane noodles (dangmyeon), barley, and pork blood, although some variants also contain perilla leaves, scallions, fermented soybean paste (doenjang), glutinous rice, kimchi, and soybean sprouts. It is a popular street food in North Korea and South Korea. In Seoul, there is a neighborhood called Sundae Town in Sillim-dong, which has many restaurants specializing in sundae.





Koreans usually eat sundae with tteokbokki sauce. Many restaurants have a menu item called “tteok-twi-sun,” which contains tteokbokki, fries and sundae.



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