Summer Ice Cream Feast

~~~~~Ice Cream for Summer~~~~~

Let BnBHero show you the must-have ice-cream & dessert brands in Korea!

Brick Pop – Whole some Amusement by Great Nature

Brick Pop is the first hand-made ice-cream shop in Korea. Based on its creative brand contents, Brick Pop created numerous tastes using fresh fruits. Brick Pop’s bars are particularly  famous for the bright colored looking with large slices of fruit in them!



brickpop   brickpop1


Ice Factory

Special ice-cream bars with a smoothie taste. All ice-cream bars are made and sold on the same day, giving you the most fresh taste!

Various shapes including rose,  chocolate bar, heart-shape, paw, Ice Factory has made it more enjoyable a summer refreshment.




Snow Spoon – premium ice-cream from traditional Italian recipe 

Snow spoon has the special frozen yogurt and quality traditional Italian Gelato. However, it is even more famous for its snow sticks with unique funny looks. Mr. monster, kaka smile, pink tie, sweety lady, snow sticks by Snow Spoon are always the favorite on Korean foodstagram!



Long-leg ice-cream – upgraded ice cream cone

You can find this street snack at Insa-dong, Meong-dong, Idae area, and basically everywhere! With ice-cream stuffed into a hollow long stick made of puffed rice or corn, this snack gives you a combined pleasure of crispy shell and the creamy filling.




Korean most famous traditional red bean sherbet. Okrumong’s stores always appear  as a retro Korean style house, serving sherbets in traditional bronze bowls. You can also find lots more Korean traditional desserts such as Glutinous rice cake, traditional red bean porridge, and sweet pumpkin porridge at Okrumong, feel free to drop by any season!!

The red bean ice flakes can be dated back to Joseon Period (Yi Dynasty), and Okrumong is now trying to keep this original old taste.

File 8-9-15, 7 23 39 PM

File 2015. 8. 9. 오후 7 20 57



Sulbing – Korean Dessert Cafe

If you don’t know about Sulbing, you’ve never really been to Korea. Founded in 2013, Sulbing is now holding over 490 chians all around Korea. The Korean Injeolmi (glutinous rice) series and seasonal fruit shaved ice menu are all very popular among Koreans.

Addition to shaved ice, Sulbing also serves various toast desserts and drinks, and constantly create new tastes.


File 8-9-15, 7 19 55 PM



*some of the pictures from KTO, Brick Pop, and Okrumong


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