Summer Event in Gwangju- Universiade Gwangju!

What is Universiade?


Universiade is a combination of “University” and “Olympiade”

The international sporting event is organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). This year it is being hosted by Gwangju, a key cultural destination in Korea! There are 21 sports that students from all over the world will compete in.

Held from July 2nd to July 17th, it is a must see event!

Below is an overall snapshot of the sporting events that will be held, and those that our young students will be competing in! Whether you are flying in to support a loved one or are a fan of the event, as we say in Korea- FIGHTING! 

timetable  (Please click on the timetable to get a larger image!)

Photo Courtesy of Gwanju Universiade

Visit the Official Page for more information!

Directions to Gwangju from Incheon Airport

 The most convenient way to go to Gwangju from Incheon Airport is by train. You can make your reservation online on the KoRail website up to 30 days in advance- we’ve attached some screen shots to help you a little bit.
The page we have direct linked to should take you to the English version of the website we you can input your details. You should see a page with a form like this:
In the departure/arrival section you and directly type “Incheon Airport” and “Gwangju”, or if you would like to look through the options, click on the little gray magnifying glass to the right! You should get a little popup table listing all the destinations alphabetically.
Once you have selected and inputted all the required information, it will take you to another page with all the options you have- at the moment you can take the KTX to Gwangju from Incheon Airport- isn’t that convenient! To start making a reservation, please click “Select” under the type of ticket you would like- first class or economy class?
Do you want to check how much the tickets cost first? It’s easy! Click on the little gray magnifying class and you will get another pop up with the information!
Will you be in Korea for a while? What about investing in a KORAIL Pass? It gives visitors unlimited access  to Standard Class Seats for a fixed period of time on the KTX- if you are planning on visiting many different destinations in Korea, it is a perfect solution! No need to worry about making all the little reservations! Invest in the Korail Pass!

What can I do in Gwangju?

Gwangju is the center of Honam region and is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula.
What you do in Gwangju? Eat and sight-see of course!!
The side road of Hyundai Department Store is famous for ‘the Street of Duck Stew’. Healthy, delicious and great in the summer, Gwangju Duck Stew is a famous local specialty infused with perilla flour and fresh water parsely. It is kind of like Samgye-tang, or Korean Herbal Chicken Stew because porridge is coked inside the duck with herbs, spices, and other delicious food such as chestnut, ginseng, and jujube!
Address:  Sinan-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City 8-5
Do you love kimchi? Namdo kimchi is a type of kimchi from the Gwangju area that is famous for their taste. It is salted and flavored with many ingredients and has a flavor that is both hot and cool- it is so famous that there is even a World Kimchi Festival! While you can probably taste the kimchi in many different places in Gwangju, if you have the time what about checking out Kimchi Town?
Address:  Imam-dong, Nam-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City 675
Do you prefer taking a scenic hike? What about visiting Jatgoge ridge? It is on the way to Mudeungsangjang mountain, and there is also an old castle that circles the ridge. It is beautiful in the day time, but also beautiful at night! Look at the way the city sparkles under the night sky- it will especially be beautiful in the summer!
Address:  Duam-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City San 136
Or do you prefer being a little bit closer to the city? Jungoe Park is a popular downtown destination where visitors can rest amongst nature but also visit some popular cultural destinations such as the Museum of Art, Folk Museum, and the Biennale Exhibition Hall. There are plenty of beautiful spots to take photos to make memories!
Address:  Yunam-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City 164
Or do you want to visit a destination that has historical significance to Koreans? May 18th Democratic Plaza is a symbol of the Gwangju Democratic Movement. It is right in the middle of the downtown district, so what about taking a few photos and then going around and doing some shopping also?
Address:  Gwangsan-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City 13
Go hiking and eat some more! Boribab is boiled barely rice mixed with all types of fresh vegetables that are in season, hot red pepper paste and sesami oil. It is very nutritious, delicious, and also gives you tons of energy! Many tourists and locals alike go hiking up Mt. Mudeung and then head to one of the many Boribab restaurants at the foot of the mountain- what better way to quench your appetite?
Address:  Jisan-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City 67-15 | Tel : 062-608 -2114

Where shall I stay? A BnBHero guesthouse of course!

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Will you be attending the 2015 Universiade? Or are you visiting Gwangju for other reasons? Let us know how your trip is, and what you enjoyed the most!


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