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Jung Saem Mool- Inspiration


Jung Saem Mool is a celebrity makeup artist, and is one of the most famous makeup artists in Korea! She is behind the signature looks of many Korean and international celebrities such as Lee Hyori, Song Hye Kyo, Jeon Ji-Hyun, Tang Wei, and others.

Today we at BnBHero wanted to share information on a cultural treasure that might be of interest to our readers who want to experience celebrity beauty!
Jung Saem Mool is very active on social media, so even if you do not havea chance to visit Seoul and one of her stores yourself, you can learn some of her secret tips and tricks on makeup looks!


Jung Saem Mool Youtube often updates once a week with looks inspired by celebrities, and some useful how-tos as well. Have single eyelids but want to achieve a double eyelid look? Are your eyebrows uneven and you don’t know how to fix it? She offers trips on simple daily makeup rituals, as well as a step by step guide on achieving celebrity makeup looks seen in the media!


Jung Saem Mool Website also offers handy step by step tutorials- with English susbtitles as well as precise product information. What I love is that she uses a mix of Korean and foreign brands, and she shows you insight you may not have been aware of- did you know you can use a lighter and burnt skewer stick to help curl and define your eyelashes?

Jung Saem Mool Facebook can also help you stay in the loop!

Experience Celebrity-Worthy Hair and Makeup!

SBS Drama [ My love from the Stars ]

  • Original run : 2013.12.18~2014.02.27
  • Episode : 1 (‘13.12.18)
  • Scene : Lee Hwi-kyung (actor Park Hae-jin), who came back to Korea from overseas,
    Scene : visited “Cheon Song-yi Hair Salon” before meeting Cheon Song-yi (actress Jun Ji-hyun).

Jung Saem Mool’s salon was also featured in the famous Korean TV drama, My love from the Stars!

Visit our Google Map Compilation to see where the salons are located in Seoul!

Google Map of Jung Saem Mool- Inspiration.

Jung Saem Mool Inspiration, the name of our salon(s) is also famous because Former U.S Secretary of state Hillary Clinton also visited the location!

We may not be celebrities, but what about visiting the hair salon frequented by celebrities, and getting the full experience? They offer hair, nail, makeup, and massage services- and it is a great way to prep for a night out in town, or even just to make yourself feel beautiful!




All the salons offer cut, styling, perm, coloring and treatment services based on your hair and face shape- the price increases depending on whether it is an experienced stylist cutting your hair, but even the most affordable stylists do an amazing job! If you are looking for a Korean-style haircut, this is one of the best places you can go to because they are one of the most fashion-knowledgable teams in Korea!


At the salons, they also offer nail care, whether it is manicure or pedicure, and also offer services for men!

They also offer body care at their locations, consisting of slimming and massage services, as well as facials. What is the Korean secret to amazing skin? Going for regular facials! They will help detox your skin and also provide a one stop solution for an amazing complexion!


The number one experience you must try? Makeup of course! They offer full makeup, which is from the primer and base outwards, and it will consist of a full face makeup- perfect for important events. But they also offer point makeup, which is when they only accentuate a specific feature, usually the eyes!

This writer highly recommends the point makeup because it is a great way of learning how to do your eye makeup professionally, and you can learn some tips and tricks for home, but it is not as expensive as full makeup!

Retouch is also a simplified makeup service they offer for clients who already have some makeup on. They wil “retouch” it for you in a short amount of time, and transform it with a different twist- what a great way of speedily adding a great bonus if you get your hair done!

1:1 Lessons are also offered for clients who want to learn about makeup in more detail- after a in depth consulting with one of the makeup artists, they will pinpoint your goals and weaknesses, and help you learn great makeup know-how customized for your face!

Photos Courtesy of Jung Saem Mool


Jung Saem Mool- don’t forget her name! One of Korea’s cultural treasures, and also one more place to add to your itinerary!

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