Started from the Internet- the popular brand IM VELY flagship store

This time I would like to introduce a clothing brand “IM VELY” which started from the Internet. Recently, it was very popular with Korean girls, especially girls between the ages of 20 and 30. I observed them and other online brands. The difference is that except good-looking, attach importance to the material of the clothing, is an absolute bargain.
In particular, winter clothes really use a lot of wool. For the cold Korea winter, coats even use the best Merino wool. therefore they have good quality that another general online brand doesn’t have.
However, the biggest disadvantage of the Internet brand is that there is no way to see and touch the real product, and there is no way to try it on. But “IM VELY” has the physical storefront now, which is located near Hongdae around the Sangsu Station!
In fact, there are also IM VELY counters in the downstairs of the new Sinchonu-plex and other areas. This is their flagship store. The entire five-story building is IM VELY. The first to third floors are selling IM VELY’s products, while the four and five floors are co-branded cafes. If you are tired after shopping, you can go to have a sit and take a break.
This time, I mainly introduce the first to the third floor. In addition to selling women’s clothing and some men’s clothing, IM VELY also has bags, accessories, etc. They also launched the makeup maintenance brand “VELY VELY”, located at The first floor is very popular. Some of the cosmetics brands are also sold in Taiwan’s Watsons and South Korea’s Olive Young, but here’s products are the most complete!
“VELY VELY” sells the best is the cushion and skin care products, the ingredients of the skin care products are really good, no wonder it will be so popular, the cushion is also very moisturizing, let dry skin in Korea which dry and cold weather is not afraid! Except for the basic styles and colors of clothing, IM VELY does use colorful and designs to make their clothes more unique.
The third floor is jewelry and household items, such as tableware, candle, handmade soaps, etc. There are many different types of goods, and it is also recommended to buy them as gifts.
although “IM VELY” brand goods is a big point here, the whole building is also super beautiful! The girls can be able to take many pretty pictures in here. There is also a lot of specially designed photo space, they put all things which girls love it in the whole building, it can really spend an afternoon here.
IM VELY flagship store
🍽 : 11:00~22:00
🏠 : 43, Wausan-ro 13-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul


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