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Everland is the biggest theme park in South Korea, so with the weather warming up and spring just around the corner, we thought it was about time to take advantage of BnBHero’s discount ticket and enjoy ourselves at Everland!


BnBHero offers a 35% discount on the regular price for entrance at Everland, and it was super easy to book it online using our BnBHero account! This discount is only valid until the end of March, so I wanted to make sure I could really use it before it was too late!

The ticket is available on the BnbHero tour section, and it was easy enough to make a reservation for four people!


Getting to Everland was a bit of a difficult choice for us to make, because we weren’t sure which way would be fastest! The subway line would mean no traffic, and there is a free shuttle bus from the Yongin Ever Line to Everland. everland1

But subway seemed so cumbersome when we could as easily get there by bus! We decided on a compromise- take the bus to Everland because we did not think we would be stuck in too much traffic, and on the way back we would take the subway. It would ensure we would have seats both ways, and it was a very affordable way to travel!


Get your heart pumping on the exciting rides! 


What were we going to do in Everland? What rides were the best recommended? We did some research on the official Everland Website and saw on t he Korean page that there were recommendations for Thrill Manias (which was us!). The Hurricane, Championship Rodeo, Columbus Viking, Double Lock Spin, Bumpercar, Let’s Twist, Rolling X Train, T Express and the Lost Valley were the rides recommended, so we made sure to take a photo to add to our to-do list!


T-Express goes up to 104km/hour and has a 77 degree drop that will pump your blood!

Double Lock Spin spins you completely at 360 degrees, so what better way to warm up for more thrilling rides?


Rolling X-Train combines both of the rides and is an amazing thrilling roller coaster with a 360 spin integrated inside the ride! Are you ready?

The sun began to set too soon (and somehow we were all feeling kind of crazy and not very well after riding so many roller coasters…) So we thought we would take it easy, but it was great timing because we got to see an amazing light show!

Picking up one of the light up crown headbands was a must, but what other souvenirs were we going to pick up? We entered the gift shop on the way out, and saw so many cute presents to take to show our friends and family!


(And maybe rub it in a little bit!) They were affordable and with such a variety we thought we could probably get all our souvenir shopping done in one place… (which would have been the best news!)


We wanted to buy one of all of these! But they are quite fragile…

One full day at Everland, with a 35% off ticket? Check!

Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea, and currently BnBHero has a great promotion where you can get 35% off the entrance ticket by booking online. There are many attractions for families, friends and couples, from thrilling seeking rides to safaris where children can experience wild animals! A day is probably not enough time to enjoy everything Everland has to offer, but although it is not located in Seoul, getting there by public transportation is very easy and convenient. 

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