Special Restaurant – Painter and Cook 화가와 요리사

We would like to recommend you a very special restaurant “Painter and Cook 화가와 요리사” nearby Yonsei University and Ewha University.

Just as the name implies, the owner is both a painter and a cook. His paintings and sketches are hung all around the restaurant.


Also, the atmosphere is excellent. It just like you are dining in the gallery instead of he restaurant.


Pork cutlet(katsu) is the most famous dish in this restaurant, , or you can explore their menu and try sweet potato katsu, kimchi katsu, curry katsu, pineapple and peppers katsu, and the list goes on.Here I got the 치즈 돈까스 cheese pork cutlet  : katsu inside with Cheese. It is really delicious.


Also, the side dish is very delicious too. And it is free!!


Below is the information of this restaurant.

Painter and Cook
Address: 서대문구 대현동 60-51,Seoul, Korea
Phone: 02-363-7654
FB: https://www.facebook.com/paintercook

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