Special experience in Seochon food tour! [1]

 One day tour in Seochon

I had really nice tour in Seochon with my friend Zoey. The tour was supposed to start at 1 PM, so we had to arrived at the Gyeongbokgung station Exit 2 at 12:50. Then we walked to the Tong-in Market, and it took about 10mins from the station.

The first tour place; Tong-in Market!

We wanted to visit Tong-in Market because we heard that the Tong-in market is  a ‘Must go’ place inSeochon. The market was broadcasted  through famous television programs, like Moohandojeon andWe got married.
When we went into the market, we could feel that the market was filled with delicious smell. So we could not wait to taste the foods!!

What is different in Tong-in Market?

Unlike other markets in Korea, We can have chance to buy foods with Korean traditional coin which is called Yeopjeon!!
And with these coins, we started to put delicious foods in the lunch box 🙂
After we moved on to the lunch cafe to taste the foods!!
There were really lots of people in the cafe, but luckily we could have a seat 🙂
Among all of these foods, I like the  Sweet and Sour Chicken, Gim-bab and the korean noodle the most!!

After having a lunch, we moved on to our next tour place.

The second tour place; Korean traditional pharmacy!

Our next place was Korean traditional pharmacy which is called Hanyak-Bang. The pharmacy was really close to Tong-in market, so it took about 4 minutes to get there.

We had Korean traditional tea which is called Ssanghwatang in the pharmacy. It was sweet and bitter. But as Ssanghwatang is really good for our health, I could feel the bitterness of the tea happily:)
The pharmacist explained the benefits of tea, and told each person’s constitution.
Then we walked down to the basement of the pharmacy to see fresh ingredients of korean herbal medicines.
The pharmacist kindly explained many of medicinal herbs and gave answers every time we asked questions.
After we took a rest and learned many of things regarding medicinal herbs, we moved on to our last tour place.

The third tour place; Korean traditional wine restaurant!

When we came out from the Han-yak Bang, we wanted to taste Korean traditional wine in Hanok. So we decided to look around to find nice place to enjoy wine time 😛

We decided to drink this Albam-Makgulli with some side dishes!!
Tasting the wine, we did some games and learned about Korean dining manners.

Where is Tong-in Market?

How to get to the Tong-in Market?
1) Myeongdong station → Tong-in market
– Subway : 40 min.
– Bus : 30 min.
2) Hongik Univ. station → Gwangjang market
– Subway : 60 min.
– Bus : 45 min.
3) Insadong → Gwangjang market
– Subway : 35 min.
– Bus : 25 min.

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