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Fashion- for MEN!


We thought we could start introducing something rarely see on our blog- mensware! We’ve decided to regularly publish famous mensware labels or shops in Korea, for our male readers and also our female readers! This way you can ‘leave’ your significant other at their own stores while you do some shopping!

Located in Cheongdam-dong, one of Korea’s most prestigious and elite neighborhoods of Seoul, Space Mue stocks avant-garde global mensware fashion, and is popular with Korean male celebrities and stylists! It is a very unique space from its architecture to its interior decor, so we highly recommend you visit it once!

It is a multi-brand retailor that also stocks some womens apparel and accesories- a two-storey building, there are a lot of international brands such as Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Kitsune, Brand of Outsiders and Lanvin. Each area has its unique theme and ideas, and provides a wonderfu space for inspiration!


The meaning behind the name Mue is also very interesting! It is based on the chinese character “MU” for nothing, and “e” for 2- it actually stands for “there is no other-” essentially that there is no alternative, no copy and that it is entirely unique. Both their product offerings and their client base!

Space Mue considers their target clients to be between the 20’s and 50’s, majority beind in thir 30s. It is for men (and women) who are fashion forward and enjoy dressing up and really enjoy fashion!


Some of the brands located at Space Mue:



Space Mue is located a few minutes away from Apgujeong Rodeo station, which is also near some of our other restaurant, shopping and sightseeing recommendations! So what about making a day of it and also allowing the men to enjoy some shopping?


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Address: 93-6, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul 135-100, South Korea


If you are interested in looking through some more of their photos, visit the instagram account of the group! The photos we’ve hosted are coutesy of their instagram account.

The offical website also provides some very interesting and amazing information, so what about checking it out?

Spae Mue! Are you interesting in checking out this store?

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