[SNSD-Taeyeon SOLO concert]

Briefly introduction of this lovely lady:

Tae-yeon is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a leader of South Korean famous girl group Girls’ Generation, its subgroup TTS, and SM the Ballad; she has also recorded singles for various television dramas and movies.




Her company, SM Entertainment will be releasing the new concert series brand named “THE AGIT.”

“THE AGIT” is a concert series program being held in the SMTOWN THEATRE at the coex artium in Seoul and it is a place where SM artists could invite their fans to have a good time together.


The second runner up for “THE AGIT” is group Girls’ generation leader, Taeyeon. She will be holding ‘Taeyeon’s very special day’ on October 23~25 and October 30~November 1 for a total of 6 concerts.




October 23(Fri) 8:00 pm

October 24(Sat) 4:00 pm

October 25(Sun) 4:00 pm

October 30(Fri) 8:00 pm

October 31(Sat) 4:00 pm

November 1(Sun) 4:00 pm


Location: SM THEATRE (Enter millennium square through the path connected to
exits 5 and 6 of Samseong Station line 2)

Reservation starts from Sep. 23(Wed) 8:00 pm


Booking online


Enjoy this beautiful voice before we go to the concert ^_^



Official Website info


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